Zeerish Custom ROM for Tecno Phantom 6 (Dev Build 1)…coming soon

We were able to briefly get access to a Tecno Phantom 6. Between then and now, we’ve shared the unboxing of the Tecno Phantom 6 (A6), how to root the Tecno Phantom 6, how to install Xposed on the Tecno Phantom 6 and a Secro & NVRAM backup for the Tecno Phantom 6.

We decided to work on a custom ROM for this device called Zeerish. This is the first (Developer) build and we intend to collaborate with interested Developers on subsequent builds.

Zeerish Custom ROM for Tecno Phantom 6 by Team Hovatek

Zeerish Custom ROM for Tecno Phantom 6 by Team Hovatek

We’ll be releasing the Custom ROM soon with more info on the features in this build at the Hovatek Forums’s Android Development Section.

Hovatek…just a button way!



  1. this project never finished 🙁 im now stuck on android 6.0 with the shit HI ui

    • We did complete the project but never released the custom rom to the public. We’d stopped releasing our custom roms to the public since Keslar for Tecno M3 and P5. We only released it to some developers.

      • is there anyway to send me the completed custom rom, i really don’t like this HI ui and the sh*t that comes with it. assemalte at gmail com

  2. How about a custom rom for C9?

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