You can now subscribe for Ntel WAWU on Quickteller

Ntel has announced that WAWU plans are now available on Quickteller. You can finally subscribe for and renew your Ntel WAWU data plans by yourself.

Ntel had slashed the WAWU data caps, rendering it less attractive. Speeds weren’t exactly great for me but oh, the volume compensated greatly for it. 48 GB for N3,000, are you kidding me? It was good while it lasted anyway.

Had this come a few months ago, it would have been wonderful news. Back then, you literally had to go beg on their social media pages to have your WAWU data plan activated. Replies hardly ever came and were pretty random when they did.

One trick I saw kind’a work (though I never tried it) was tagging CPC or NCC in one’s complaint but that lost potency quickly because the volume of hourly requests must have been overwhelming.

Their in-house topup portal ( was down for months till it went completely offline. I didn’t miss that portal when it went down because boy was it buggy. The experience was so terrible that everyone I know dreaded having to visit it.

You would recall that other networks have also reneged on their data volume promises so one can’t exactly crucify Ntel. After all, They’re a business, not a charity. They make profits or go belly up, its that simple.

For reference, here are the new Ntel WAWU data bundles and prices:

PlanPrice (NGN)Main DataBonus Data (500%)Total Data AllocationValidity PeriodOtder Benefits
WAWU 20002,0002GB4GB6GB7 Days8k/s for national calls
WAWU 40004,0004GB12GB16GB7 Days8k/s for national calls
WAWU 85008,5009GB36GB45GB14 Days8k/s for national calls
WAWU 1000010,00016GB80GB98GB14 Days8k/s for national calls

Are you still making use of the new Ntel WAWU data plans?