You can downgrade to Hovatek mobile v3.2 to use the Forum or install Tapatalk

Late last year, we announced some changes to Hovatek mobile (our official mobile app) which saw the removal of the Hovatek Forum integration from the app. We’re working on building an in-house app from scratch due to other features we intend to integrate and bugs in recent versions. This hasn’t sat too well with some members so we’re providing the apk to version 3.2 which doesn’t crash at the Hovatek Forum section like more recent versions (this caused us to retire the integration).

To install this version, navigate to Settings > Apps > Hovatek mobile > Clear data and cache then uninstall.
Download Hovatek mobile v3.2 then install.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of our in-house app.


You can also access the Hovatek Forum using the Tapatalk app