We’ve made some important structural changes

We’re in the last quarter of 2016 and look forward to a glorious 2017 packed with great features just for you. Our team has been busy optimizing support platforms in a decisive effort to make it easier and more convenient for you to get quick solutions to your device issues. Some notable changes include:

Migration to a Hosted PBX phone system

Before now, we operated a single phone line system. There were obvious downsides with this system like having to change our phone number frequently, being unable to handle multiple calls at a time, channeling all calls to the same department… and the list goes on. In light of these shortcomings, we decided to opt for the Hosted PBX solution. This new system allows us retain just one phone number and route calls to multiple departments / extensions. We’re sorry for having to change our Hot-line yet again and plan to retain this new system as its expected to be much more convenient for both parties. Our new Hot-line is +2348149906767 . The Hovatek mobile app for Android and Blackberry 10 has a quick dial option so you can always call us at anytime without having our phone number.

E-mail Ticketing system

Different department have been activated and assigned unique e-mail addresses. This is to ensure a faster and customized response. To create an email ticket, visit https://account.hovatek.com/ . A new ticket will be created (with an ID and status) for you once your e-mail is logged so you can monitor its status online. Alternatively, you could send an e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address below and a ticket will also be automatically created;

Hovatek Journal

You might have noticed that all tutorials have been removed from the Hovatek Blog. This blog will now serve solely as a platform for us to update you on whats happening at Hovatek. This will include announcements and project updates. The tutorials have been moved to the Hovatek Forum and Hovatek Journal . From now on, tutorials & downloads will go to the Hovatek Forum, Announcements & updates to the Hovatek Blog then the Hovatek Journal will be for In-depth Tech. news, analysis & device reviews. Ensure to subscribe to the Hovatek Blog and Hovatek Journal by supplying your email address in the subscribe box located at the top left or right corner.

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