We’ve launched MTK Philz & SPD TWRP porters in GUI

Last month, we introduced our MTK auto TWRP porter v1.3 (GUI version) in response to two main issues often reported in earlier versions:

  • Getting flagged by antimalware programs as being suspicious
  • Empty output folder due to incompatibility with some Windows PCs

based on the feedback we’ve received, the GUI version seems to have addressed these bugs significantly so (by popular demand), we’re going GUI with the other porters.

The GUI version also has a DM_Verity detector to warn you if you’ll need to patch boot.img first and a Logger to give a progress report, making debugging easier.

GUI versions for Mediatek Philz and Spreadtrum TWRP recovery porters

We’ve introducing our Mediatek auto Philz recovery porter v1.5 and Spreadtrum auto TWRP recovery porter v1.2, both GUI versions, for our members to try out.

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Here they are in action:

MTK auto Philz recovery porter v1.5 (GUI)

SPD auto TWRP recovery porter v1.2 (GUI)