We’re testing multilingual support on our Instant Messaging Service (IMS)

We have a global user base which cuts across several languages and almost every continent so the language barrier is one of our biggest challenges. We’re currently an English only support platform so all tutorials and support are provided in English.

Our Instant Messaging Service (IMS) is often the first point of contact for those looking for or having trouble finding certain info on our website. That happens to be where the language bug bites the hardest because we come in contact with some people who can’t speak English so we thought “hey! why don’t we try speak their language”.

Our first test session was with a visitor from Romania so we handled the session in Romanian. It wasn’t exactly the smoothest of sessions but we were able to resolve his issue. Our test -for now- will be open to all languages while we narrow down the list of languages we’ll be supporting (based on the outcome of our tests) in the future.

Note: We’ll be using a language a translator so translations might not always be accurate.