Verified Account & Recognized Contributor; the newest Hovatek Forum Groups

A while back, I got a PM from a disgruntled forum member. He said he would refuse to post at the Hovatek Forum unless he was upgraded from Newbie member to Senior member because he was a ‘Guru’. To set the record straight, our promotion system is based on post count; i.e, the more posts you make, the higher you climb (spammy posts will be deleted). Here are the current benchmarks:

Number of postsGroup
0 – 4Newbie
5 – 14Enthusiastic Member
15 – 39Junior Member
40 – 79Techie Member
80- 99Experienced Member
100 – 124Respected Member
125 and aboveSenior Member

We’re happy to announce two new groups; Verified Account and Recognized Contributor

Recognized Contributor

This group is not based on the number of posts a member has made; rather, how helpful and selfless the member in question has been at the Hovatek Forum. Team Hovatek adds members to this group based on recognition. Congratulations to droidmobitech for becoming a Recognized Contributor, He’s really been helpful.

Verified Account

This group is reserved for Brands and Teams. Its similar to Facebook’s Blue Tick and Twitter’s Verified Account. Not only is this awesome for branding but is a platform for our forum members to interact with your Team or Brand. Much respect to DroidPeepz Inc for the immense contribution to the Android community and being a Verified Account at the Hovatek Forum

The Hovatek Forum is open for all to get solutions to devices issues, learn or help others. We warmly welcome your contribution and feedback.