Tips for running your online business from home

When you tell people you work from home, you’ll immediately see their interest in knowing what exactly you do that affords you the luxury of working from home (that’s if you actually have a real job). Running your business from home is awesome, you save money on rent, transportation, wardrobe expenses, time wasted in traffic and enjoy a host of other advantages.

Being a work-from-home entrepreneur is exhilarating but there are days you wake up sweating at night, wondering if  you’ll make it, if you’re not throwing your life away. You see, having a job comes with a sense of security; you get a ‘steady’ pay-check. The equation is however different when you’re your own boss because its your responsibility to ensure that you (and your staff if you have any) get paid, there lies the unsettling part. The rising unemployment rate & job layoffs is proof that getting a job doesn’t necessarily guarantee financial security these days, this is why World economies need more SMEs like you to create jobs.

Working from home has its own challenges so I’ll share a few tips that’ll help your internet business succeed.

See your business the way you would want your family and friends to see it

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face with running your business from home is skepticism from family and friends. Familiarity tends to make us think less of people we know and think high of that ‘expert’ who is a stranger to us, forgetting that the ‘expert’ is equally someone’s family member or friend. You might come under a lot of pressure to get a job, especially when your business isn’t yet making money or running at a loss. One would even think it would be easier to get a contract from family and friends than from a total stranger but it usually isn’t. You need to treat and talk about your business very seriously, that’s the only way they’ll take it seriously.

Carve out a work space

While working from home makes it possible to work from any location in your house, its important you have a work space, respect it and insist others respect it too. Find a corner in your house, room or basement where you can get some privacy and style it to your taste. You could consider getting indoor plants to brighten things up. Your work space doesn’t necessarily have to be very spacious or lavish, just somewhere you can tune in to work frequency.

Have a work schedule

One of the things that could kill your business is house errands / chores. If there are errands to be run, don’t be surprised if they get dumped in your laps first because you’re ‘always at home’ or ‘always available’. You need to have well defined work hours and communicate them clearly.

Enforce your offline hours and breaks

Those who go out to work tend to bring their work lives home. For you who work from home, Work is Home and Home is Work so its quite easy for your work to interfere with your personal life and vice versa. Its very important you enforce your offline hours. Direct your calls to voicemail and leave pending work till your next work schedule. Enforcing a work schedule not only helps you work more efficiently but ensures you lead a balanced life.

Invest in fast internet and reliable electricity

Having a fast internet connection helps you complete your online tasks on time. I’ve been on both sides of the room of internet connection speed and can say that a slow internet connection not only slows down your pace but could affect your mood. I also recommend getting an inverter set if you have an epileptic power supply, it will help you spend less on generators.