Tecno font restore OTA update never came; Way forward

Tecno had said the font management feature in HIOS will be staging a come-back before the end of December 2018. This feature allowed Tecno HIOS users to change their fonts without rooting. Disabling it in their recent OTA updates has caused an uproar at the Tecno Forum. Here’s the announcement where they promised to return it:

Hi T-fans,
We know many of you are highly expectant on the fonts issue. We also want to assure you that we are not sleeping too. A lot of efforts is being put in to make sure that the fonts are restored back.
We somewhat have good news.
We are close to a breakthrough.
All things being equal, an update would be released before the end of December to fix the fonts issue.
Thanks for your patience!

Fast-forward to January 2019 (Happy New Year by he way), there’s been no update so Tecno broke their promise…yet again. As much as one would love to call out Tecno for barely releasing bug fix updates for their phones let alone version updates, its best to adopt the way forward mentality.

Here’s what some Tecno Forum members had to say about the failed update:

@pk88jj: Techno promised us for new update that will bring our front back b4 end of December, this is new year and nothing happen. have we been deceived by Techno? DEAD CURIOUS…..

@715709877: they are just making here fake promises we are tired

@Smilingene: They failed woefully, they missed it… am switching too

@8134464534: Tecno shouldn’t scam their users, else we’ll all switch over to other products readily available in the market and our massive swapping will discourage people from buying Tecno products… Tecno has one(1) hour to fulfill its promise to its users, else they lose a lot of customers for real.

From the look of things, Tecno users do love their fonts so here are three approaches you could adopt to regain font management on your Tecno phone.

1. Re-enable Font Manager

For some models, Hi-Fonts was only disabled. To re-enable:

  • Navigate to Setting
  • Select Apps then All Apps
  • Open the menu at the top right (3 vertical dots )
  • Tap Show System
  • Look for Font Manager on the list and select it
  • Click on Enable

*Note that this method doesn’t work on all models.

2. Root your phone

The easiest way to root your Tecno phone is the magisk manager + boot.img method. To use this technique, you first need to obtain boot.img and scatter file for your build number from our collection of Tecno component files. If you don’t find the files for your build then backup your rom using Wwr MTK.

You can either flash the patched boot via fastboot (after unlocking bootloader) or using SP flash tool after which your phone should be rooted. After rooting, install the font app of your choice and grant it Super User privileges.

3. Downgrade to an earlier build

For those who lost font management after installing an OTA update, reverting to your previous build should put you back on track; after all, font changing still works on some Tecno phones.

What you need to do is download the Tecno stock rom for your previous build number and flash to your device.

4. Install a third party launcher

You can install a third party launcher (e.g GO, Apex, Nova, ZenUI etc) to theme your device. While launchers don’t require root, you might find the additional apps they install overwhelming or encounter problems with some features on your phone. Head over to Google Playstore if you wish to give launchers a spin


If one thing is certain, its that you shouldn’t wait on Tecno to fix everything. Unless you wish to purchase another Tecno phone in order to enjoy latest Android features, you best roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with tweaking your Tecno phone.

What do you have to say about Tecno’s promise to restore fonts? What have you done to regain font changing on your HIOS?