Tecno extends font restore schedule….again

Update: Tecno broke the June promise again.

Its been raging since 2018. Members at T-SPOT (Tecno’s official forum) have been protesting the removal of their font-changing feature via OTA updates. Many have vowed never to buy or recommend a Tecno product again.

A little history

From around mid to ending of 2018, complaints about missing fonts (changing) intensified. Tecno Reps at the forum finally decided to act. @TECNO SPOT NG made this announncement

Hi T-fans,
We know many of you are highly expectant on the fonts issue. We also want to assure you that we are not sleeping too. A lot of efforts is being put in to make sure that the fonts are restored back.
We somewhat have good news.
We are close to a breakthrough.
All things being equal, an update would be released before the end of December to fix the fonts issue.
Thanks for your patience!

That update never came. To that effect, we dropped a guide on how to restore Tecno fonts with root.

Eventually, only the Tecno Camon 11 got fonts restored (rolled out in January). Not even the Camon 11 Pro did. This was the announcement by @TECNO SPOT NG :

Hi T-Fans:
The latest fonts update schedule is as follows:
CAMON 11 OTA updates will be available in early February 2019
CAMON 11 Pro, CAMON X, CAMON X Pro, SPARK2(16+2/32+2), Pouvoir 2, Pouvoir 2 Pro OTA updates will be available at the end of March 2019
For other products, OTA update schedule will be released soon.
If there is any progress update, we won’t hesitate to post on time.
Thanks for your Patience!

Last Friday, the bombshell dropped

Hello T-Fans,
Thanks to all our true fans for sticking with us throughout this FONTS issue period and we want to assure you that we are doing our best to make the fonts available to you as soon as possible.
We, however, deeply regret to inform you that there has been a slight adjustment to the earlier released schedule we posted. We are now working overtime to make sure there is no change in this new date.
Below is the new schedule:

Here’s the new schedule

Tecno font OTA update


This hasn’t gone down well. Here are some reactions:

this is the last tecno phone I am ever going to use…your screen is wack. everything about u guys is wack. even simple fonts, we re begging u guys to give us back ,u guys re posting us. I am done


Slight adjustment or the guys at the HQ have been sleeping after all. Slight adjustment should be by not more than two weeks. Lazy bones. from January to March now to June. OMG disregarding your customers and giving them the middle finger to their complaints


This is the last tecno device I am ever going to use.
Imagine such disrespect and disregard for customers!
It ain’t your fault, you think that you are mainstream because of advertisement, hell no!
We helped you by giving good reviews via word of mouth and we will send you packing through the same medium.
What insolence!!


bye bye tecno and your poor crappy products


whaaaaat…!!! NOW its not this march again….let me remind you that those stupid fonts promises started last year December then we were told January now it was march but again its April… BROTHER STAY WITH YOUR F* OTA UPDATE OF FONTS.I WILL ROOT MY PHONE AND INSTALL MANY FEATURES… what i have notice in this website we dont get help but we are scammed with so called TECNO SPOT


I don’t think Tecno Mobile, it’s management, engineers and staff have any other thing to offer than criminal deception.
I had earlier warned that Tecno Mobile would renege from it’s promise. ??. I cry for Tecno Mobile ??


i will wait for 5 years to get back my font from you guys shebi!…. Tecno Una dey Craze well well!!!…. Seriously disappointed with you guys.


And that is how I sold my phone never to hear or see anything Tecno related again. Sayonara mofos


End of April again! am fucking tired with Tecno fone…


Very useless fools… You guys said by ending of March now you saying June.. You guys are very stupid for that.. I regret ever buying tecno phone in my life and I’ll make sure that never happens again to me or anyone I ever know in this life.. Useless bunch of liars


You are nothing but a scam!


Tecno and their fraudulent administrators here blocked my account because I called them fraud. Have they not justified my assertion? They don’t care about their customers.. Bye bye tecno.

Around June my foot. Why no specific date? Why is tecno so fraudulent in it dealings with her customers? Why are we Africans taken for granted with no one to fight our cause? If IPhone could be sued because the phone drawn on the carton housing their devices has no notch, why can’t we sue tecno? Tecno knows we can’t do this in Africa because we are either illiterate when it comes to legal issues or because no one will challenge them. Anything goes in Africa especially Nigeria..


what nonsense
you guys are losing your reputation
Tecno don’t keep promise
useless promise


This is the end of all, I will never ever use any TECNO crappy device again, simple n common fonts you can’t resolve keep giving your customers fake promises as if ur politicians. We are done with you, u can csn as well go to hell with your OTA updates rubbish


stupid product, just a simple Font, we have to beg for it.


I said it, the question is how should a font issue take this long to resolve. the serious companies like Samsung would have had this done in a few minutes or hours time but it is taking tecno months to get it done, it’s a shame. You should rather tell us the truth and that is the fonts are never coming back. did you see what they wrote? “the fonts will be available AROUND the end of June”, they are not even sure. You are working around the clock indeed, we’re you sleeping all this while? my people advice yourselves as some of us has already done.


God punish tecno I feel like smashing this phone for ground sef which kind phone be this nawa ooo i regret buying the phone sef common font abah tecno u no go die better i swear idiot people with their useless phone


okay thank you mr Tecno i hope the deal is over ..heading to Samsung 8plus or j6plus this week …saling off this fake camera canon11pro not only the camera but also with the font and performance all scored zero fuck you tecno i hate you for making me waiste my hard earned fucking money on you idiots underrated idiots bye bye for ever along side my family and friends we’ve waited enough ….China will never change frustrating set of people


for camon Xpro I should wait for the next 3 months….u ppl are mad…u ppl are not serious,u’re like Nigerian government they don’t have the masses at heart…same as u ppl….u don’t have ur customers at heart..imagine using an Xpro and I’m just stuck with the normal font when phones that are nothing compared to Xpro has different font styles available to the user…well I expected this to happen..as it stands now I won’t recommend tecno phones to any of my friends that wants to get a new phone and I won’t use any tecno product anymore….u ppl are not serious.


……and the comments keep pouring in.

If Tecno loses dominance, it would be because of the numerous bugs in HIOS and their nonchalant attitude towards their customers.

Its just fonts!