Qualcomm, Ericsson and SK Telecom announce collaboration on 5G New Radio (NR) trials

Back in October 2016, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon X50 (the World’s first 5G modem) and the Tech. community has since paid keen interest to the 5G technology as it promises to change internet connectivity as we know it. Today, Qualcomm, Ericcson and SK Telecom announced that they will be carrying out over-the-air field trials of the 5G NR technology. The trials will be compliant with the 5G NR 3GPP specification which is the global 5G standard. The goal of these tests is to accelerate the path to the mobile ecosystem’s adoption of 5G.

5G NR’s multi-gigabit per second data rates will be crucial for emerging markets like virtual reality, augmented reality and connected cloud services. According to Qualcomm, “The trials will employ 3GPP 5G NR Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna technology with adaptive beamforming and beam tracking techniques to deliver robust and sustained mobile broadband communications at higher frequency bands, including non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments and device mobility. It will also make use of scalable OFDM-based waveforms and a new flexible framework design that are also part of the 5G NR specifications. The trials are expected to yield valuable insight into the unique challenges of integrating 5G NR technologies into mobile networks and devices”.

“This important 5G standard-based trial collaboration will demonstrate compliance to 3GPP and support the accelerated commercialization of the global 3GPP 5G standard. On the road to 5G, Ericsson is working with leading operators and ecosystem players to enable innovative use cases on a global scale.”
…Ulf Ewaldsson, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson

“As 3GPP NR is a global 5G standard, we are delighted to announce early 3GPP NR trials with leading 5G players, Ericsson and Qualcomm, with which we have made remarkable world’s first footprints in the past with previous generations of groundbreaking mobile technologies.”
…Alex Jinsung Choi, EVP, Chief Technology Officer, SK Telecom

Source: Qualcomm