Project update: Component Files & Auto Custom Recovery Porter Projects

We’ve been working on a number of projects and just like we did during the Auto Font Unbricker project, we would like to update you on two projects we think you’ll be very interested in.

Component Files Projects

You’ll be amazed that a good number of people download entire stock roms (Gigabytes in size) for the sake of files of just a few Kilobytes or Megabytes at most. Imagine someone who wishes to unroot and needs stock boot.img of 16 MB. In more cases than not, this person would have to download an entire stock rom of over 1 GB just to get a file of less than 16 MB.

What about someone whose phone went dead because he flashed a wrong preloader.bin. The preloader.bin file is just a few Kilobytes but this person would have to download a firmware of Gigabytes for a file of a few Kilobytes. We figured this is not only a waste of your data and time but also extends support time beyond what it ought to be.

In this project, we’ve put together a wide array of stock roms for various brands, models and their several variants. Our collection also comprises of download links for the component files of each stock rom e.g boot.img , scatter file, preloader.bin etc so you can download just the individual file you need. Head over to our Individual Files Projects sub-forum to checkout our collection. We’ve started with Tecno, Infinix and Itel, in the process, collecting NVRAM backups to make it easier to fix 3G or 4G signal / network problems.

Auto Custom Recovery Porter

We’ve been working on two tools; Mediatek Auto Custom Recovery Porter and Spreadtrum Auto Custom Recovery Porter ; both aimed at making it easy to get a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM or Philz for your device.

All you need is the stock recovery.img for the device you wish to port a custom recovery for and this tool will take care of the rest. These tools are still in Beta so we’ll only release them when set to go public.

Here’s a video of the tool in action