Privacy Policy

All details supplied to Hovatek during registration or subscription for any of our services will never be revealed to a third party without the client’s full knowledge and approval. We employ strict security measures to secure your confidential information and will in no conscious way; jeopardize the confidentiality of such information.
We strongly advise against the use of weak passwords or operating several confidential accounts with the same password(s) as Hovatek will not claim responsibility in event of a breach of such accounts. All transactions and consultation by clients are kept 100% confidential at our end. Do beware of scam messages asking you to reveal such information as Hovatek will only contact you via authorized representatives who can be easily double checked at our website or facebook group.

Unless instructed otherwise by our customer care unit, you are strongly advised not to release your device(s) for repair / maintenance by individuals claiming to be our representatives. You will be fully briefed if Hovatek has any reason to send a representative personally to you, including a full I.D of the individual.

Transactions made with any unauthorized individual either on our facebook group / website is solely at your own risk. Hovatek will thus, not be responsible for any losses / damages suffered. Authorized Hovatek representatives are always available to cater to your device related needs.

We Place google Adsense adverts on our website to enable you know about products you might be interested in. Please, click only adverts you are genuinely interested in. Please, do not click adverts as a way to reward us.

Hovatek retains the right to deny service to any individual or body in event of a breach of agreement.

Need further assistance? Speak with a Hovatek Representative:
Working Hours: Mondays - Saturdays ; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1:00)

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