Ntel Wawu as we used to know it is dead

Earlier this week, Ntel announced a drastic change to the Wawu plans, effectively killing the Ntel Wawu data plans we all fell in love with. These were the old Wawu plans:

Plan Data Allocation Bonus Data (500%) Total Data Allocation Price (NGN) Validity Period (days)
WAWU 2GB 2GB 10GB 12GB 1,000 30
WAWU 4GB   4GB 20GB 24GB 2,500 30
WAWU 8GB 8GB 40GB 48GB 3,000 30
WAWU 16GB 16GB 80GB 96GB 7,500 30
Here are the new Ntel Wawu data plans:
PlanPrice (NGN)Main DataBonus Data (500%)Total Data AllocationValidity PeriodOtder Benefits
WAWU 20002,0002GB4GB6GB7 Days8k/s for national calls
WAWU 40004,0004GB12GB16GB7 Days8k/s for national calls
WAWU 85008,5009GB36GB45GB14 Days8k/s for national calls
WAWU 1000010,00016GB80GB98GB14 Days8k/s for national calls

With the introduction of Ntel Wawu, many flocked to Ntel but this took a toll on their internet speed. It even went as far as crippling their customer service. I’m guessing it just wasn’t sustainable despite being a brilliant way to grow their user base. Another school of thought believes they were muscled in line by the big boys.

Ntel had been having problems for months now so we all kind’a saw this coming. I personally feared they would close shop but ditching the old Wawu signals they’re still in the game. Regaining users trust will surely be an uphill battle.

Users couldn’t activate data plans on their own and always had to go – cap in hand – requesting bundle activation on their social media pages. Some lucky ones could rivately reach out to Ntel Reps for instant bundle activation.

I for one will miss the old Ntel Wawu plan as it was my go-to data plan on my Android TV box. I’m however grateful to them for it while it lasted. There’s been outrage froom their fans at their social media pages.

Will you be sticking with Ntel on the new Wawu plans? If not, what data plan will you port to?