NCC’s imminent data tariff cost increase; strategies to consider

I got an SMS from MTN, and it read;

“Dear customer,

please, be informed that from 1st Dec, some MTN data tariffs will be increased to reflect the new rates set by the NCC to operators.

Thank you”.

I don’t know what sphere of life you’re from, but from mine, thats bad news. Data plans are quite expensive at the moment and instead of a crash in prices, its an increase. We can safely assume that all other operators will adhere.

For moderate data users like me (who clock 80GB – 100GB monthly), here are some strategies you could adopt to mitigate the effect of this increase.

Target plans with unlimited night browsing

This is one of my secrets to keeping data cost low. At the moment, I’m on the Swift Essential Plus which gives me 20GB + Unlimited surfing from 12 am – 6am daily for just ₦8,000. Being a Tech. Geek naturally makes me nocturnal so plans like this are perfect for data intensive projects.

Consider data sharing

With data, the higher you go, the cheaper it becomes. Data sharing presents an opportunity to buy in bulk and split. This strategy is cheaper for each participating individual. I use GLO for data sharing on Mobile

Download instead of stream

Downloading saves a copy for offline consumption. With Streaming, you and other who consume the same content use up more data

Use cloud transfer services

Instead of downloading then re-uploading heavy files, consider using Cloud transfer services like & for online file management. They’ll save you a lot of time, power and data