MTK auto TWRP recovery porter v1.4

Yesterday, we launched the Android IMG unsign tool v1.0 which enables you unsign signed images before unpacking them. Today, we’re happy to announce Mediatek Auto TWRP Recovery porter v1.4 .

What’s new in version 1.4?

  • Support for signed recovery images: If the tool detects that your stock recovery.img is signed, it will unsign it then proceed with porting. If your stock recovery image is named recovery-sign.img then ensure to rename it to recovery.img before using our tool
  • Fixed mount point issues: Previous versions ported some recovery images with incorrect mount points. This issue has been patched
  • Edited DM Verity not found message: Some people tend to mistake “DM Verity not found” for an error message. Its actually telling you that all is good and no need to patch boot.img before flashing TWRP recovery.

Keep your fingers crossed for Qualcomm Auto TWRP porter v1.1 (Android 8 Oreo support).

We want to know how MTK auto TWRP porter v1.4 does for you so ensure to drop feedback at the MTK auto TWRP porter official thread .