MTK Auto TWRP recovery porter v1.1 is now publicly available for beta testing

We’d created the Mediatek Auto TWRP recovery porter tool to make it super easy for anybody to port a TWRP recovery to his / her MTK device armed with only the stock recovery.img (for the device) and our tool. We’d carried out a private beta testing and are now making the tool publicly available for beta testing.

What’s new in v1.1?

  • Android 8 Oreo support: This version supports porting TWRP recovery for Android 8 Oreo Mediatek devices
  • TWRP v3.2.1 port: This version ports TWRP v3.2.1.0 (which is currently the latest version).

Important notice!

Testing is still in progress so it might or might not work for you yet. If the ported recovery doesn’t work for you and you really need a working custom recovery then use the lower version of the tool or our MTK Auto Philz recovery porter tool. You can then return to this version for Beta testing as we make changes.

Report any issue to the Mediatek Auto TWRP recovery porter official thread and we’ll work on addressing it.