MTK auto TWRP porter v1.3

Our auto TWRP porter project has been successful thus far but two main issues which your feedback has brought to our attention are:

  1. The tool getting flagged as containing malware (false positive)
  2. The tool not working on some versions of Windows, resulting in an empty output folder

Enter V1.3 GUI

We’ve addressed these issues in previous versions in v1.3. Version 1.3 has a GUI interface, doesn’t get flagged by some antivirus (like our previous versions) and works smoothly on more versions of Windows.

Here’s a video clip showing version 1.3 in action.

Head over to the Mediatek auto TWRP recovery porter official thread and give this version a spin.

Don’t forget to drop feedback (whether or not it works for you) as this helps us make improvements in later versions.