MTK Auto Philz recovery porter v1.4; Oreo Go support, Dm_verity, Logger

We’re happy to announce v1.4 of our Mediatek auto Philz recovery porter. This is coming after recent updates to the MTK and SPD auto TWRP porters.

What’s new in Philz porter v1.4?

  • Android Oreo Go Edition support
  • Dm_verity checker
  • Logger

We’d begun introducing dm_verity warning to our auto porters since MTK Auto TWRP porter v1.2 because with verity checks still in place (in /boot partition), any (compatible) custom recovery you flash would still end up in a bootloop or fail. If you don’t know what DM Verity is then read up this article on custom recoveries and dm_verity.

Despite us having added a dm_verity found warning to our porters, some people still don’t notice the warning and go ahead to flash the custom recovery without first patching boot.img. This of course results in a failure. We have thus added a logger which will help us investigate failed attempts.

Head over to the MTK Auto Philz recovery porter official thread and try v1.4. Don’t forget to leave some feedback however it goes.