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Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS)

Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service

The Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS) enables us remotely access and fix device problems without needing any physical access to such devices, only an internet connection. The LRAS is light, fast and doesn’t consume much data (megabytes). ┬áThis service is targeted at helping those who still cant resolve their device issues after sessions with our representatives. To use the Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service:

  1. Ensure you have an Internet connection on your device
  2. The Client currently supports only Android, iOS and Windows PC devices.
  3. Download the LRAS application
  4. Install the Client on your Device
  5. Launch the Client and ensure you have an internet connection
  6. Wait for it to activate your device and connect to the necessary servers
  7. When activation is complete contact a Hovatek Representative and request for an LRAS session (See our  Contact info. @
  8. The Hovatek Representative will send a connection request to your device, click Allow or Grant at the Live support app
  9. Keep in touch with the Hovatek Representative during this process in case you need certain instructions
  10. Once Connection is successful, the Hovatek Representative will be able to remotely control and fix your device issues.

* Note: LRAS is reserved for our Premium members only

162 thoughts on “Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS)”

  1. hello, my devie is havin serious software problem, i can’t use it for anything, i reset the tab, when startin it says i shoul updat my software, the origoal software is malfunctionin

  2. Hello… Please my name is freeman I have BB 9930 but cannot browse and the APPs are functioning, the device browser cannot browse, telling me the device is offline. When I used the wifi cannot still open the apps and cannot even browse

  3. Phone was sent to me but the phone does not recognize my Mtn sim card now I cannot use the phone the phone is au arrows fjl22 from japan

  4. Please i need help with my Infinix Zero 2. I have flashed it sevarally. When I try to turn it on the screen is blank meanwhile my system detects it when I connect through a USB cord and when I eject it shows that the phone is switched on because the phone makes an ejection sound as of charging. Please what can I do.?

  5. Please i need help with my Infinix Zero 2. I have flashed it severally. Please what can I do.? I think it is a hard brink.

  6. Pls hovatek, I have bricked my tecno D 5. I followed the hovatek tutorial to flash the phone but I may have made a mistake. Now it won’t turn on again. I tried to reflash with d stock ROM I got from hovatek but d phone still remained blanked, it did not connect to my flash tool. Pls how can I fix this? I Need Ur Help Hovatek.

  7. I have got itel 1702 tablet and trying to send video via whatsapp, the video cannot load and all that am getting is “video not sent choose another and try. several times but nothing is corrected.

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