Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS)

Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service

The Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service (LRAS) enables us remotely access and fix device problems without needing any physical access to such devices, only an internet connection. The LRAS is light, fast and doesn’t consume much data (megabytes).  This service is targeted at helping those who still cant resolve their device issues after sessions with our representatives. To use the Hovatek Live Remote Assistance Service:

  1. Ensure you have an Internet connection on your device
  2. The Client currently supports only Android, iOS and Windows PC devices.
  3. Download the LRAS application
  4. Install the Client on your Device
  5. Launch the Client and ensure you have an internet connection
  6. Wait for it to activate your device and connect to the necessary servers
  7. When activation is complete contact a Hovatek Representative and request for an LRAS session (See our  Contact info. @ //
  8. The Hovatek Representative will send a connection request to your device, click Allow or Grant at the Live support app
  9. Keep in touch with the Hovatek Representative during this process in case you need certain instructions
  10. Once Connection is successful, the Hovatek Representative will be able to remotely control and fix your device issues.

* Note: LRAS is reserved for our Premium members only

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  1. please i just bricked my tecno d5 and i mean hard brick the thing isnt coming on again and i have requested a stock rom , for me to download but i havnt had any reply still hoping , and please i want to beg you guys to lead me on the right tutorial to it


  2. Pls help me,M new to rooting,I mistakenly downloaded Chanfire 3D on my new Opsson D1s Smartphone,nd I launched it,it went into boot loop for two weeks now,dont have cmw recovery only Android system recovery nd it does not have advance option like wipe delvic cache but I have a titanium backup.Pls help Urgently whatsapp 08186378236

      1. please my techno H3 is locked by etisalat how do i unlock it again, because i followed the thread you guys posted *983*8284# it did not bring any unlock prompt up, please is there any other code to unlock it.

  3. my name is levi. my tecno h6 do not boot it keep on flashing went of flash again and again. i can enter in recovery mode which is “android system recovery H6-G325-A2-KK-TZ-20150126” I don’t know what to do to fix the problem. please assist me to fix the problem. thanks

  4. Please I called earlier and I was told to ask my questions on the forum, thanks…

    Please I have a TECNO H6 that is gets stuck at the bootloader. When I enter CWM mode, it just shows me, E:Can’t Open Cache/Recovery…. bla bla bla…

    I was highly relieved today when I called one of your staffs and he assured me that the case is a small one. Please what do I do… cos I really don’t know what other thing to do.


  5. s sir I install popkat for infinix hot x507…… from 4.4.2 to 5.0.2
    … . is now given me problem…. I try to backup and go bak to my old vision 4.4.2 but is not working….. The main problem I hav is b4 I install d popkat I did not bakup…..

    For now I try to bak up from my friends infinix hot x507 nd install in my own but… .. It usually say error in bakup nd am using 7.90gb memory bt stil failed….

    Pls sir I need ur help…. My number is 08137483459.

    I wait to c ur reply tnkx

  6. Please sir kindly help me, my Techno N9 (Phantom pad) is showing that my device storage is full, as at now I have enough space in my phone, I can’t even download anything and my applications are not functioning well, please what should I do?
    Best regards

  7. Also some notification came up to my screen that the device is running on internal disk or free disk, so please how can I allow the phone to run on either my SD card Memory or USB storage thanks.

  8. Please am from Ilorin, i have a problem with my android phone Lenovo A378t. Whenever I press the power button, it doesn’t boot and when charging it, it doesn’t show any sign that it’s charging. Please what can you do to help. And do you have a branch in Ilorin?

  9. I tried to upgrade my phone to, But it got bricked after installing the upgrade, Tecno Phantom , Please help me!!!

  10. can someone help me with tecno r5 custom rom and scatter file. my tecno r5 is bricked and the volume down does not respond when i boot into recovery

  11. My screen is black! I just can see anything. How can I fix this problem? Please help I can

    still answer it with a headset, the lights still work at the bottom, I can hear & feel it as it

    vibrates, and the ringer works.

    have tried

    Power On / Off Volume + Home button

    still not displaying please help –

  12. I’m using a tecno phantom a+. i just realised that a little bit of the pins in the charging port is broken. I need help.

  13. please i am using phantom z. tried to power on this morning but can turn on. rather tiny message at the left hand side of the blank screen are shown. a follow up still cannot turn the phone on. please i need help.

  14. pliz am atechnician based in remote kenya and am apremium member on havatek assist me urgently get stock roms for inote phones like inote 1353

  15. Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your
    efforts and I will be waiting for your further post thank you once again.

  16. I need a full scatter file STOCK ROM backup of the Inco FLex, MT6572, android 4.2.2.
    Because i have some but dont work, and one works but i get white stripe and can see what im touching. thank you!

  17. Permission to download it1452 pac file, it got stock on inote as I want to remove pattern lock with volcano tool. Pls., I need it very urgent

  18. Goodmorning bro please i a problem with my tecno m5 i want to upgrade it to kitkat 4.4 but its says installation aborted pleasse help me

  19. Tecno S9.
    Pls I have an android that got this force closing issue, I have tried to reset to factory setting and even free all space by removing all apps yet it won stop. Pls grand me access with a description on how to create a thread with my tecno S9. It’s my only phone pls my email is [email protected] Com.

  20. Please, I need help with creating a Skype account. I don’t understand what it keeps saying about my network and I am led to set my VPN which, when I click on it, provides a space for credential password which I don’t know or have.

  21. Pls how do i get rid of a ROM virus on my Techno R7. After downloading an anti-virus, a virus was detected but couldn’t uninstall it. Please how do i uninstall this virus. I have formatted my phone more than twice and the problems still hold. Thanks

  22. I got my fone rooted then I mistakenly deleted a pre-installed app now I it has affected my gallery,music and ringtone how do I get it back am using Tecno m3.

  23. Respected Sir I have been trying to root up one mt6571 chip or say a clone of IPhone 5S wenever i click on the root it comes down ad Adbl not installed and the colour down the page i syellow .Kindly help me if you know.
    [email protected] please email on this..


  25. Pls help me having a problem with my infinix alpha marvel x502. Power and volume down button is not working only the vol. up working and is charging.

  26. Someone should please help me on
    infinix hot I tried updating and it reebooted to something like this
    Android system recovery
    volume up/down to move highlight;
    enter button to select.
    reboot system now
    power off
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from sdcard
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    backup user data
    restore user data.

    my email address is [email protected]

  27. Someone should please help me on the infinix hot I
    bought 5days ago, as I switch it off and on this afternoon
    it didn’t boot, instead this is what I got.
    Android system recovery
    volume up/down to move highlight;
    enter button to select.
    reboot system now
    power off
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from sdcard
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    backup user data
    restore user data.
    I’ve tried all my possible best but I couldn’t do it, pls a
    brother is in need of help. Thanks

  28. I need a backed up stock ROM of HTC Desire 526G which is bricked badly.This is what happened, I used mtk droid tools to flash clockwork recovery on my 526G after which it asked for a reboot and after rebooting the device it got stuck on a bootloop switching itself on and off but never passing past the HTC logo screen.I then did some searching and installed mini adb and fastboot entered some commands and my device was recognised by adb devices and also fastboot devices.I used fastboot commands to flash both the boot-sign.img and system-sign.img which were successful but when i tried to flash the recovery-sign.img it failed.Up to this moment my phone was still at least bootlooping.Then i learned about sp flash tool and i tried flashing a Rom for HTC Desire 526G with scatter file which i downloaded from the web ,it is by jamesrjerrs.I was getting S_BROM_DOWNLOAD_DA_FAIL(2004) error then i charged my battery with an external charger to 100% and tried flashing the downloaded ROM again but this time a got a different error BROM ERROR:S_SECURITY_SECURE_USB_DL_IMAGE_HASH_FAIL (6047).Again up to this point at least my device was booting and showing the htc logo.Being frustrated with the error i decided the format and download option instead of the download only which i was using previously thinking it will solve the error problem.It formatted 100%,but still gave me the same error and from that point my phone no longer boots nor turns on.When i press the power button it only vibrates after some time.when i connect it to the laptop while pressing the volume up button it is detected at the ports as an Mtk Usb port but no longer as Mediatek preloader usb vcom port.I really need help with a genuine HTC 526G ROM with scatter file or a working backed up ROM of the device made ;using mtk droid tools containing the scatter file.PLEASE HELP,and sorry for the long thread.

  29. Pls I am trying to flash tecno f8 system.IMG because of the WiFi and Bluetooth problem but an error message pops up : PMT ROM changed must download …..
    What do I do

  30. I got a problem with my privacy protection password of anti theft in my Tecno Y6. well the problem is at first i sent the command #suoding# to lock my phone and on entering the password i was granted access but this time i did it again but it keeps on saying wrong password while its the same password which i used at first so if anyone can help me please.

  31. In my infinix race eagel x 500 phone sim management was disable.
    i could nt see the network bar .i could nt make any calls. please help me

  32. I cannot flash any itel android phones. It shows unknown device not
    I have tried using spreadtrum drivers but it did not work.
    pls, help. I am using window 7

  33. thanks hovatek for your help so far, but please i need the nvram.bin for MTN s620. i can not correct the invalid Imei problem. none of the methods already given for the restoration of invalid imei works for me. please i need your assistance

  34. After flashing Tecno P9 it then refuse to store current. It only show ‘0’ percent and trip off. Pls what do I do to restore this issue?

  35. Hi, i have a phone and i have been wondering on how i can repair it. I had rooted it and now after factory reseting it keeps on bringing the pop-up message that “FM Radio not responding”. And worse it cant install any app… I know it can be fixed but i dont know how please help.

  36. my gionee p2m is stuck not on boot no back up delet and flash system chach data all thing is flash not connect with pc sp flash tool pls reply me

  37. pls help me am not be able to flash my gionee p3 couldn’t connect to system via usb, it show DEVICE NOT RECOGNISE though I have change several phone USB port. is there any way to flash d phone ?

  38. I have got itel 1702 tablet and trying to send video via whatsapp, the video cannot load and all that am getting is “video not sent choose another and try. several times but nothing is corrected.

  39. Pls hovatek, I have bricked my tecno D 5. I followed the hovatek tutorial to flash the phone but I may have made a mistake. Now it won’t turn on again. I tried to reflash with d stock ROM I got from hovatek but d phone still remained blanked, it did not connect to my flash tool. Pls how can I fix this? I Need Ur Help Hovatek.

  40. Please i need help with my Infinix Zero 2. I have flashed it severally. Please what can I do.? I think it is a hard brink.

  41. Please i need help with my Infinix Zero 2. I have flashed it sevarally. When I try to turn it on the screen is blank meanwhile my system detects it when I connect through a USB cord and when I eject it shows that the phone is switched on because the phone makes an ejection sound as of charging. Please what can I do.?

  42. Phone was sent to me but the phone does not recognize my Mtn sim card now I cannot use the phone the phone is au arrows fjl22 from japan

  43. Hello… Please my name is freeman I have BB 9930 but cannot browse and the APPs are functioning, the device browser cannot browse, telling me the device is offline. When I used the wifi cannot still open the apps and cannot even browse

  44. hello, my devie is havin serious software problem, i can’t use it for anything, i reset the tab, when startin it says i shoul updat my software, the origoal software is malfunctionin

  45. Please if i want to flash a phone eg infinix x554 do i just download the scatter file alone or i download the full firmware package
    Which one is advisable to do

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