Itel IT1513 Technical Specifications and Review

Team Hovatek is currently working on some projects for Spreadtrum Android phones so I went looking for a budget Spreadtrum phone to be my personal Guinea Pig, The Itel IT1513 caught my attention!

Itel IT1513 Specs

  • SIM: Dual (1 Micro , 1 Standard)
  • 3G: Yes
  • 4G: No
  • Dimension: 144×74.3×9.1mm
  • Screen Size: 5.0 Inches
  • Screen Density: 240 dpi (hdpi)
  • Body Finish: Metallic
  • Colors: Silver & Champagne Gold
  • Screen Resolution: 480×854 (FWVGA)
  • USB: USB 2.0 Micro-B
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Camera: 5.0MP Back (2592×1944) ; 1.9MP Secondary (720×480)
  • Video: 1280×720 (HD)
  • Camera Flash: Yes
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: 8GB
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Light & Proximity
  • External (SD) Storage: Yes (Supports up to 32GB)
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Processor: Spreadtrum SC7731c
  • CPU Architecture: Quad-core, 1.2GHz , ARM7 processor rev 5 (v7I)
  • Board: Itel_it1513
  • Clock Speed: 768 – 1200 MHz
  • Instruction Sets: armeabi-v7a, armeabi
  • Kernel Version: 3.10.65
  • GPU: Mali-400 MP
  • Battery (Removable): Li-ion, 3.7V, 2100mAh, 7.77Wh, Limited charge voltage: 4.2V
  • Fast Charge: No

Itel It1513 review


What attracted me to the Itel IT1513 at first glance was the thin metallic finish of the back. The 3.5mm headphone jack is located at the top. The Mic and USB port are located at the bottom. On the Right side are the Power and Volume buttons. Nothing on the left side. The Earpiece, Front Camera, Sensors & Soft keys occupy the front while the Camera, Flash light and Speaker are located at the back. The screen doesn’t have one of the thinnest bezels I’ve seen but is OK. The phone fits quite perfectly into the palm and the curved base of the back case made it easy for me to turn the phone from front to back and back to front with ease (something I oddly do a lot).

Itel IT1513 front view

Front view of the Itel IT1513

Itel IT1513 back view

Back view of the Itel IT1513

Itel IT1513 right view

Right view of the Itel IT1513

Itel IT1513 left view

Left view of the Itel IT1513

Itel IT1513 top view

Top view of the Itel IT1513

Itel IT1513 bottom view

Bottom view of the itel It1513

The IT1513 has a removable battery (Thank goodness!). SIM & SD card Slots are exposed once the back case is lifted off.

Itel IT1513 removable battery

User Interface

The user interface was quite neat although it struck me as a bit blurred at times. Here are some screenshots of the Itel IT1513’s user interface (UI):

Lock screen and App drawer

Itel IT1513 screenshot of UI lock screen and app drawer

Settings and Hovatek mobile app

Itel IT1513 user interface UI Settings and Hovatek Mobile

Hovatek forum app and software update section

Itel IT1513 user interface UI hovatek forum and settings update

Battery Life

The battery life of the IT1513 was actually OK for light tasks (I could squeeze out over 5 hours) but proved grossly inadequate in the face of battery intensive activities like movies, streaming, downloading and gaming (It barely made 3 hours). For a light user, the battery life will prove sufficient. One thing I found quite impressive about its battery life was that battery consumption in idle state is well optimized. So I could go over 2 days (receiving just a few calls). Its very important that you note that we could have different experiences when it comes to battery life as there are other variables to consider (temperature, screen brightness, volume etc)


I love music so I had a lot of samples to test in this area. My list comprised of Rock (Black Metal), Salsa,  Opera, Yodeling, Reggae, Makossa, Soukus, Country… A lot infact. I also listened to Hovatek’s H-Tech Radio. Each type of music has specific audio components which are dominant. Rock for example is the Strings and Drums; Makossa is the Bass guitar etc. I was quite impressed with the audio volume and clarity. I would however have loved to have had a little more bass (tweaking audio settings provided slight improvements).


The video quality was outright disappointing. here’s a 17-second clip I uploaded.


The camera of the Itel IT1513 wasn’t exactly flattering but was just OK for a 5MP Spreadtrum phone. Here are some shots I took:

Here’s an outdoor picture of a Golden Palm Plant taken around 8:00 am and with the primary / back camera (no flash)

Itel IT1513 outdoor camera review, picture of a Palm Plant

Here’s an indoor picture of an art work taken in low light (with flash) and with the primary / back camera

Itel IT1513 camera review indoor picture, Wall Hang art work

Here’s an indoor picture of an inverter set taken in low light (with flash) and with the primary / back camera

Itel IT1513 camera review, indoor inverter and battery picture

Here’s a Selfie taken with the front / secondary camera

Itel IT1513 camera test, selfie

Antutu Score

The Antutu Benchmark test score for the Itel IT1513 was 20137

Itel IT1513 Antutu Benchmark score 3D UX CPU RAM<

For CPU: 8196

  • CPU Mathematics: 1320
  • CPU Common Use: 2833
  • CPU Multi-Core: 4043

Itel IT1513 Antutu Benchmark score CPU

For UX: 8490

  • UX Data Secure: 2572
  • UX Data Process: 1295
  • UX Strategy Games: 1644
  • UX Image Process: 1425
  • UX I/O Performance: 1554

Itel IT1513 Antutu Benchmark score UX

For 3D: 440

  • 3D [marooned]: Unsupported
  • 3D [Garden]: 440

Itel IT1513 Antutu Benchmark score 3D


I have a weakness for car racing games so I downloaded Asphalt 8 (almost 1GB) and selected a track I’m so familiar with that I could turbo and drift through blind folded. Racing wasn’t too smooth and I had a number of crashes because of the lag. Overall, the gaming experience was OK but not all that. Wasn’t expecting much from a 1GB RAM phone anyways but it did OK. The Itel IT1513 would definitely serve well for light games but come under stress (and overheat) under GPU and RAM intensive games.


I didn’t experience overheating while carrying out regular tasks, only when I put the unit under a lot of stress 😉 . This is very much unlike like the Injoo Halo and Itel 1452 I had earlier used.


As at the time of this publication, the Itel IT1513 goes for about ₦26,500 . Click here to place an order for the Itel IT1513

Itel 1513 Key Specs

  • OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Dimension: 144×74.3×9.1mm
  • Screen Size: 5.0 Inches
  • Camera: 5.0MP Back (2592×1944) ; 1.9MP Secondary (720×480)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: 8GB
  • Battery (Removable): Li-ion, 3.7V, 2100mAh, 7.77Wh, Limited charge voltage: 4.2V


The Itel IT1513 is a budget smartphone and considering the ongoing recession in Nigeria, I would say its not a bad deal at all (specs:price). If you’re looking to do regular stuff like surf, download occasionally, make calls, chat, stream occasionally etc then the Itel IT1513 will serve you well. If on the other hand you’re a selfie or picture freak, gamer or carry out heavy tasks regularly and over long periods then you’ll have a number of issues with the Itel IT1513. Overall, I think its a good buy.