Is that fingerprint lock helping or just stressing you?

It struck me as strange that I never really used fingerprint lock on my Android. I mean, other than testing unlock speeds and experience, nothing more. I strapped up and enabled it, expecting to enjoy it, boy was I wrong.

Who needs fingerprint lock really?

To answer that, lets first discuss the advantages of fingerprint lock over the good ol’ pattern and PIN lock (from a regular user’s perceptive). Fingerprint lock (for one) doesn’t require you to remember jack. You’re good as long as you’ve not literally gotten your fingers burnt in the Cryptocurrency market or some Pyramid scheme.

Secondly, you have a better chance at guessing someone’s pattern (shout out to those who use L, 7, W or M) or PIN (I greet those who use 1234) than fingerprint.

A friend once said:
SMH for these babes that password both their phone and apps yet their legs open faster than Google home page

This brings to light another reason for a lock, to stash away your dirty little secrets. Quick question: If you need to keep the contents of your phone away from your spouse, which would you go for?

A. Pattern
B. Fingerpint

If you chose fingerprint then you’re either about to get caught or you never sleep…ever! Lets face it, its easier to forcefully obtain your fingerprint than a PIN or pattern isn’t it?

I couldn’t stand my fingerprint lock for more than 15 minutes

Back to my ordeal. I setup easily on my Doopro P1 Pro Qualcomm Android but things quickly got annoying. See, I interact with my phone at frequent intervals (I take my notifications very seriously) so imagine my frustration when I have to pickup my phone, locate the fingerprint sensor with my finger and enter a PIN once a while.

Wouldn’t a double-tap to wake or slide to unlock have been more convenient for me? What really did I have to hide? Now, I recall why I’d dismissed the idea of a fingerprint lock all this while.

On the flip side, using fingerprint lock on my (Now deceased) HTC 10 Evo was more practical since the sensor was on the home button

This -for me- means that using fingerprint lock is only convenient when the sensor is on the home button.

My take on Facial Recognition? Don’t even get me started.

Do you find your phone’s fingerprint lock function easy to use and reliable?