Introducing the Hovatek Forum app for Android, iOS and Blackberry 10 devices

Its our first post this year so Happy New Year to you our amazing fans, we couldn’t have come this far without you.
We’re kicking off 2017 on a strong note with the launch of the Hovatek Forum app, an app built specially for the Hovatek Forum and aimed at improving user experience.

What’s different about the Hovatek Forum app?

Those of you who have been using Hovatek mobile are aware of a few shortcoming as some sent feedback to that effect. As we take your feedback very seriously, we’ve been working and are proud to add the Hovatek Forum app to our collection. Some improvements in the Hovatek Forum app include:

Push Notifications

You receive Forum notifications directly on your device. This way, you’re immediately alerted once you get a reply, quote, mention or a private message (PM).

Hovatek Forum app push notitication

Deep Linking

This enables you open Hovatek Forum links (from Google search, Facebook, Twitter, Hovatek Forum app etc) within the Hovatek Forum app.

Hovatek Forum app deep linking

Upload support

The Hovatek Forum app allows you upload images, videos and attachments. Smileys and BB code are not left out.

Hovatek Forum app images, video, smiley, attachment, bb code

Where can I download the Hovatek Forum app?

The Hovatek Forum app is now available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes.

What will happen to Hovatek mobile?

The Hovatek mobile app will remain active, you’ll still be able to access the Hovatek Forum from the app. Aside from the Hovatek Forum, Hovatek mobile still contains important features like:

  • Alerts (latest news & updates from the Hovatek Blog)
  • H-Tech Radio¬†(Hovatek’s podcast for the latest Tech. gist, reviews and debates),
  • Call and Email us directly (This is reliable as our contact details are auto-updated)
  • Access our Premium membership portal
  • Connect to us on our Social media pages

We’ll be making¬†the Hovatek mobile app more versatile in the future (with more features) so look out for the coming updates.

Hovatek….just a button away!