Infinix Zero 4 (X555) also receives the X555-H538A-N-170521V167 Nougat bug fix OTA update

Back in April, the Infinix Zero 4 (X555) received an important OTA update, a version update from Android Marshmallow (6) to Nougat (7). That update came with some bugs as expected and Infinix has pushed the Android 7.0-XOSv2.2 X555-H538A-N-170521V167 OTA @ 514.30 MB which fixes some of these bugs. This and the Nougat OTA bug fix pushed to the Infinix Hot 4, Note 3 & Note 3 Pro were rolled out just a few days ago.

Infinix Zero 4 X555 Nougat OTA update bug fix May 2017

Things you should do before installing the Infinix Zero 4 (X555) Nougat bug fix OTA update

  • Write out your phone’s current Build Number for future reference
  • If your phone is rooted then ensure to unroot it and revert to stock recovery because OTA update + Root (or custom recovery) = Disaster
  • Charge your battery
  • Dump / backup your phone’s firmware in scatter format using Miracle Box

Steps to install the Infinix Zero 4 Android 7.0-XOSv2.2  X555-H538A-N-170521V167 Nougat bug fix OTA update

  • Navigate to Settings > About > System updates
  • Download and install the
  • Your phone should reboot into recovery mode and install the update, do not interrupt

My Infinix Zero 4 (X555) is now stuck at recovery mode after installing the OTA update.

Its quite possible that your Zero 4 was rooted before you installed the Not to worry, you can follow the guide on fixing an Infinix Zero 4 (X555) stuck in recovery mode after installing an OTA update. Alternatively, you could flash back the Miracle Box dump you’d earlier made.