How to unroot Mediatek before installing an OTA update

how to unroot a mediatek mtk android phone

It does feel good to see an Over The Air (OTA) update from your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), especially when its a leap from one major version of Android to another. In a haste to update, some device users end up encountering errors or even bricking their phones while trying to install OTA updates on rooted devices; causing the phones in question to always boot straight into recovery mode. In such a situation, a factory reset doesn’t help in any way. We did provide a fix for this at but today’s guide is focused on prevention.

Why do I need to unroot before I can install an OTA update?

OTA updates are signed. This means the Android system checks the integrity of core partitions before proceeding with installation of the OTA zip file. What this means is that if you have somehow altered these core partitions, you will likely encounter an error or end up with a bricked Android phone.

What exactly am I trying to achieve by unrooting?

You are simply trying to return your boot, recovery and system partitions to their original states so they can pass the System test (Root Integrity check).

How do I perform a Root Integrity check?

Why isn’t the unroot option in my SuperSU or Kinguser the best option for me?

We’ve had a number of bricked phones due to opting for this method of unrooting. Your /system partition has already been modified / patched so you’re still exposed to the possibility of an incompatibility with the OTA zip file since the Super User unroot option does not completely cover its trail.

How do I unroot an MTK phone before flashing an OTA update?

You will be reverting the boot, recovery and system partitions because they are core and are commonly altered in order to root or after rooting. To unroot your MTK Android phone ahead of an OTA update:

Will I lose my data after unrooting using this method?

If you flash only recovery, boot and system (Android) then your data will not be affected. If -on the other hand- you flash the entire firmware then you will lose your data. To backup your important contacts, SMS etc, follow the guide at

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