How to uninstall stubborn or corrupted programs on a Windows PC

how to uninstall corrupted windows programs

There are quite a number of reasons why a PC could begin crashing or getting very slow, one often ignored cause being corrupted programs or a registry clustered with left over entries from uninstalled programs. Some programs might have become corrupted or are malicious, making them very difficult to uninstall using the normal  technique ( Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features ) . In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing a potent technique which can help you uninstall such programs.

Does uninstalling a Windows program mean its completely gone?

No.  Proof of this is in doing a system restore (see ) . When you do a system restore, previously uninstalled programs get re-installed (though not all work perfectly). This tells you that after the normal uninstall, some components of the uninstalled programs are left behind on the PC. Its these many leftover items that become a menace over time

How do I remove leftover registry items?

You can use Advanced System care to do this. Its very easy to use and recommended. If you’re having a slow or crashing PC then you might want to read

How do I uninstall stubborn or corrupted programs on a Windows PC?

For this, we’ll be using Revo Uninstaller PRO

1. Download and install Revo Uninstaller PRO

2. Launch Revo Uninstaller

how to uninstall stubborn or corrupted software

3. Locate the executable file of the stubborn or corrupt program you wish to uninstall .

how to remove corrupted programs from windows

4. If you have trouble locating it, look for the shortcut on your desktop > Right-click the shortcut > Select Open file location > If taken to another shortcut, repeat the procedure till you locate the original .exe file > Take note of its location

how to uninstall stubborn windows programs

5. Go back to Revo and click Forced uninstall

how to uninstall corrupted programs using revo uninstaller

6. Tick Advanced at the top

how to remove stubborn windows programs

7. Click Browse

how to remove corrupted software in windows

8. Navigate to the location of the exe file, select it then click Open

how to remove corrupted programs from a windows pc

9. Click Next in the forced uninstall wizard

how to forcefully uninstall windows programs

10. Click Next again

how to uninstall a stubborn software

11. If the default uninstaller appears, proceed with the uninstallation (don’t worry if it fails or gives an error)

how to completely uninstall a windows program

12. After uninstallation, click Scan

how to uninstall a corrupted windows program

13. Tick the boxes in front of the Bold items then click delete

how to use revo uninstaller

14. Click Next once done

how to uninstall windows programs

15. Click Select All then Delete. Click Finish once done

how to manually uninstall corrupt programs

How can I completely uninstall a Windows program ?

Just select the application from the list and use the normal uninstall option (instead of forced uninstall) . The rest is the same procedure as described above.

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