How to stop malware from continually sending SMS on Android

Its bad enough that our service providers debit our airtime at will, its even more alarming that malware have joined the race with a very aggressive strategy. Not too long ago, I discussed the Time Service and Monkey Test Malware .

In that article, I explained how malware infect your Android phone, how to identify malware related activities and how to weed out the menace. Today, I’ll be taking you through another type of malware that also makes money off you, only in a more parasitic way.

How does this automatic SMS sending malware work?

The malware requires an internet connection so you would often notice the automatic sending of SMS once data is enabled or you are connected to  a Wireless network (WIFI). The malware sends the SMS (at regular intervals) to premium numbers and the hacker gets a cut of whatever you are charged.

Apart from malware, could there be any other reason why my Android phone keeps sending SMS to an unknown number?

Yes, quite a number. In some cases, its an error in your phone’s software. In this instance, the software is trying to register your phone by sending certain information to your service provider’s servers. The auto-sms bug could also be caused by installed apps, especially voicemail, SMS and call managers.

On rear occasions, its caused by an error in your default SMS app causing it to resend an already sent SMS to the same number over and over.

How do I stop my Android phone from automatically sending SMS?

Some fixes to consider include:

Freeze / Delete GN_SalesStatistic and GN_SalesTrack_GL (for Gionee devices):

This fix is unique to Gionee users. For other brands, search for similar apps. To do this:

  • Root the phone (you could use Magisk Manager + Boot.img )
  • Install a root browser like ROM Toolbox Lite or ES File explorer from Playstore
  • Navigate to the system/app folder
  • Locate GN_SalesStatistic and GN_SalesTrack_GL
  • Delete both apks.
  • If you prefer to freeze them then use Titanium backup or Greenify (from Play Store)

Do a factory reset

You could do a factory reset in recovery mode or under Settings > Backup & Reset

Wipe then re-install firmware

Depending on the Chipset the phone is running on, wipe the phone then re-install the stock ROM / firmware (or a different one). Mediatek uses SP flash tool , Spreadtrum uses Upgrade Download tool and Qualcomm uses QFIL .

Uninstall suspicious apps:

Uninstall suspicious and newly installed applications as the problem could be coming from an app. Its best to do this with a system app uninstaller and root access.

Run a malware / virus scan:

Install a good antivirus like 360 security , Stopbadapp , AVG , Ghost Push Trojan Killer, Avast or Malwarebytes and scan the phone.