How to retract (undo sending) an email in Gmail

gmail undo send

BBM added the retract feature which enables you unsend a message (before the receiver views it). This feature is very useful especially when you’ve sent something out of anger, in error, with a typo or to the wrong person. This feature is also supported in Gmail and very easy to setup.

How do I setup undo send in Gmail?

1. Login to your Gmail account

how to undo send in gmail

2. Click the Gear icon at the top-right corner (Settings)

how to retract an email in gmail

3. Select Setttings

how to unsend an email in gmail

4. Tick Enable Undo Send and set the Send cancellation period (I prefer 30 seconds)

how to delete an email after sending in gmail

5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes

unsending an email in gmail

How do I use the Undo Send feature?

1. Compose an email and click Send when done

how to retract an already sent email in gmail

2. To Undo Send, click Undo at the top

unsending an email in gmail

3. You’ll get a notification confirming that the message has been retracted (Sending has been undone)

undo send unsending an email

4. The retracted message will be saved to Draft

Is there any other thing I need to be aware of?

If the Send Cancellation Period you set elapses before you undo send (whether due to a poor network, your hesitation or for whatever reason), then the email will be sent.

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