How to regain access to or wipe / format a password-protected Blackberry

How to regain access to or wipe / format a password-protected Blackberry

Its very important to keep your Blackberry password-protected because the need for privacy cannot be overemphasized these days. A password-protected Blackberry can however become quite a drag, especially when the password is forgotten. In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to regain access to or wipe / format a password-protected Blackberry in case the password of the Blackberry
has been forgotten or wasn’t provided.

Why do I keep getting “Incorrect Password” despite being very certain I’m supplying the correct password?

In most cases like this, the fault comes from the Touch screen or Keypad. The keys are either not being registered, being registered more than once or being registered by false triggers (tapping a letter causes another letter to be typed also). You might want to type the password somewhere you can see what you’re typing to verify that the Touch screen / keypad is not the problem.

What happens if I exceed the limit of wrong trial attempts i.e, enter too many wrong passwords?

Blackberry has a security feature which wipes all user data and resets the Blackberry to factory state once too many wrong passwords are supplied. This wipe however doesn’t affect the SD / Memory card.

I’ve tried wiping the Blackberry using JL_Cmder, BBSAK etc but all prompt me for a password before i can proceed, what do i do?

In our guide at , we explained how to use JL_Cmder, BBSAK and Blackberry Desktop Manager .  Unfortunately, in the case of a forgotten password, there’s no going further with these. Its either you have the correct password or nothing.

How can I regain access to or wipe / format a password-protected Blackberry?

Unfortunately, you cannot regain access to the Blackberry without the correct password, but you can wipe the Blackberry without having the correct password. All you need to do is keep entering incorrect passwords till you exceed the limit of incorrect trial attempts (usually 10 wrong passwords). Once this limit is exceeded, the Blackberry’s security feature will kick-in and wipe the Blackberry to a passwordless factory state, so you have your Blackberry back but your data is gone unless you’d made a backup prior to this issue. (See to learn how to successfully backup a Blackberry phone. )

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