How to identify a fake Blackberry phone

how to spot a fake blackberry

Considering the rate at which fake products of reputable brands are flooding the market, we’ve taken up the responsibility of enlightening prospective buyers so they don’t end up with these very convincing looking clones. We already discussed how to spot fake Samsung phones @ and will be doing the same for Blackberry phones in this brief guide.

How do I identify a fake Blackberry phone?

Some techniques you can use are:

1. Check the IMEI

Lets consider this hypothetical Blackberry IMEI (874351.04.5498762). The focus (on the Blackberry’s IMEI) is on the 7th and 8th number of the IMEI . In this case, its 0 and 4. Now, use the table below to judge the authenticity / quality of the Blackberry in question.

7th & 8th digitCountry of originQuality
01 or 10FinlandVery Good
02 or 20ChinaLow
08 or 80GermanyFair
04CanadaBest Limited Edition
00Original FactoryBest
13AzerbaijanVery Bad

2.  Use Blackberry Desktop Manager or Blackberry Link

Connect the phone to a PC and launch Blackberry Desktop Manager or Blackberry Link. If the phone doesn’t get detected and its details displayed, then its probably fake

3. Check the phone’s details under About, if it isnt running on a Blackberry OS then its most likely fake (except in a case where a BBOS 10 phone is tweaked to run Android OS)

4. Check for the PIN because a fake Blackberry wont have a working PIN assigned to it

5. Compare the IMEI on the pack with that on / in the phone’s About section

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