How to gain temporary root on the Tecno Spark Go (KC1)

We’d released a guide on how to root using stock boot.img + Magisk manager. While this has been effective for many devices, some Android Pie users (the focus here is on Mediatek) have still been unable to attain root.

There’s the Orange State after you unlock bootloader. The Verity key which needs to be disabled by flashing an empty vbmeta.img. You have Secure Boot (DA) for those looking to flash patched images via tools like SP flash tool, boxes to dongles. Challenges of getting a working TWRP which our MTK TWRP porter with Android 9 support solves. Entering recovery mode from fastboot (since fastboot boot recovery.img might fail) and recovery-from-boot.p is standing by to kick your TWRP out. Data Encryption (0MB) in TWRP…..I could go on with the hurdles.

With the likes of the Tecno Spark Go (KC1) and Infinix Smart 3 Plus (X627), rooting has proven quite evasive as patching with the latest magisk manager (as at the time of this piece) doesn’t give root. Don’t be in a hurry to believe every tutorial you see as few ever bother to verify what they publish.

The likes of Tecno KB7j can get root using mtk-su; read this guide and this one. But I’ll be sharing how to gain temporary root on the Tecno KC1.

Warning: You might lose network detection. Rebooting fixes this…but then you lose root 🙂 .

To gain temporary root on the Tecno Spark Go (KC1):

  1. Setup ADB & Fastboot on your PC
  2. Unlock your bootloader
  3. Download the Tecno KC1 stock recovery.img for your build number
  4. Patch the recovery.img using Magisk Manager as explained here
  5. Rename the patched recovery image to recovery.img then copy into the ADB folder
  6. Get the phone into fastboot then launch command prompt (for fastboot commands)
  7. Flash the recovery image using fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  8. Once the flash is done, hold the Power button + Volume up button till the phone goes off
  9. Once the phone goes off, release the Power button immediately but keep holding the volume up button
  10. Once you see the boot logo (Tecno), release the volume up button
  11. The phone will boot up and you should have temporary root.

This post will be updated once permanent root is attained.