How to fix Windows saying password is incorrect

How to fix Windows saying password is incorrect

We’re talking common Windows issues and one quite frustrating one is Windows telling you that the password you entered is incorrect even though you’re very certain it is; thereby, locking you out of your own PC. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a close look at factors that could result in this error, how to resolve it and how to prevent it.

What could cause Windows to say my password is incorrect even though I’m very certain its correct?

  • Driver / Windows Update: In some cases, this issue has been reported to occur shortly after some driver / Windows updates
  • Hibernating / Sleeping PC for too long: If you’re the type that hibernates / sleeps your PC instead of shutting down then your PC is prone to errors like this, even worse (See )
  • Sticky Keys: Its possible one of they keys is registering more than once or not registering at all
  • Caps lock ON: Double-check to be sure Caps lock wasn’t accidentally turned ON
  • Changed Keyboard layout: A changed keyboard layout is a common contributing factor

How do I solve the problem of Windows saying my password is incorrect?

Can booting into Safe Mode resolve this issue?

In most cases, No. Your best bet is an outside windows approach if you don’t have a Password Reset Disk

How can I prevent future occurrence?

Hovatek….just a button away!