How to fix touchpad not working after upgrading to Windows 10

how to fix touchpad not working after upgrading to Windows 10

In the previous guide on how to install Windows 10, I described two methods you could use depending on which installation media you have; CD or Flash drive. One common issue you could encounter after upgrading to Windows 10 is driver related issues. I for example initially had problems with Bluetooth, Touchpad, Graphics and Sound. In this brief guide, I’ll be focusing on Touchpad problems.

If your Laptop’s touchpad was working fine before the upgrade to Windows 10 then its nothing to panic about. Its unlikely to be a hardware issue so don’t go unscrewing (and possibly ruining) your PC .

How to fix Touchpad not working after upgrading to Windows 10

  • Get an external mouse, you’ll be needing one for the next couple of minutes
  • Ensure touchpad is enabled; Press the Windows button > Select Settings > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad
  • Visit your Laptop PC manufacturer’s website
  • Under the driver downloads section, you are to download Synaptics Touchpad driver for Windows 10
  • If you can’t find Synaptics Touch driver for Windows 10, go with that for Windows 8.1 or 8.0. Windows 7 should be your last resort
  • After downloading the Synaptics Touch driver .exe file, double click it and follow the installation Wizard
  • Reboot the PC

Hovatek….just a button away!