How to fix the Blackberry White Screen of Death (WSOD).

The Blackberry White Screen of Death (WSOD) and Black Screen of Death (BSOD) are two very common Blackberry problems. If you’ve never got either then its only a matter of time; and when you do, don’t panic because it just might be one of the many minor scenarios of the Blackberry White Screen of Death or Black Screen of Death. You might ask how they got their names and why they had to get the ‘Death’ part (which suggests something very serious and dreaded). The Blackberry White and Black Screens of Death are one of the few indicators / hints your Blackberry would give you when its about to encounter a major crash (See ).

Another set of indicators you would be lucky to get are exception errors popping up on your screen. You really should be glad your Blackberry is warning and expecting you to take action before it packs up. In this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on the Blackberry White Screen of Death.

What is the Blackberry White Screen of Death?

The Blackberry White Screen of Death is an error encountered by a Blackberry which is characterized by a white screen that could either be plain white or have an error code displayed. The ‘Death’ end of the name suggests that a particular component / process is faulty and could result in a more serious crisis if left unchecked. The white screen could either occur during boot / startup (the Blackberry could freeze at a white screen with an error code displayed) or during use (the Blackberry’s screen could gradually fade to white) and the screen
would remain white if no further action is taken.

What causes the Blackberry White Screen of Death?

As earlier stated, the Blackberry White Screen of Death is usually a warning sign but some things that could result in you getting this error are:

  • An overheating, damaged or swollen battery: If the Blackberry’s battery is damaged, gets very hot during use or is slightly swollen then you could get the Blackberry White Screen of Death which would -in this case- gradually fade the screen to white.
  • Faulty app or JVM errors: Installing an incompatible or buggy app could give a White Screen of Death. In this scenario, the Blackberry could freeze during startup / boot at a white screen displaying an error code.
  • Too much pressure on the screen: Dropping a Blackberry hard on the floor, in a fluid or applying too much pressure on the screen is another common cause of the WSOD.
  • Memory leaks / too much data to handle: Too many active / poorly scripted apps installed on a Blackberry could result in overload or memory leaks which would degrade to the White Screen of Death.
  • Run down CMOS battery: A run down CMOS battery could be another culprit.

How can I tell that my Blackberry might soon develop the White Screen of Death?

There are three common signs that a Blackberry is near a White Screen of Death:

  • Overheating: If the Blackberry feels warmer than normal or even gets quite hot during use, then a White Screen of Death might be around the corner. The WSOD would either be due to a worn our battery or a damaged component on the motherboard.
  • Exception errors: Once Uncaught exception errors start popping up then a White Screen of Death is near. The WSOD would be due to a crashed OS or JVM error .
  • Discolored portion of the screen: If a part of the screen has a rainbow color or is slightly discolored then a White Screen of Death just might be next. The WSOD would be due to a screen problem.

Is it normal if I get the Blackberry White Screen of Death once a while?

No. There is nothing normal about a White Screen of Death. Once a WSOD is experienced, it is important to fish out the problem and fix it quickly.

How come wiping my Blackberry OS did not fix the White Screen of Death?

Wiping a Blackberry OS without installing another OS on it will only cause another type of WSOD. If an OS reload or re-installation does not fix a WSOD then it must be a hardware issue.

How do I prevent a White Screen of Death or avoid future occurrence?

  • Avoid installing too many apps.
  • Avoid charging your Blackberry using a PC as it could damage the battery.
  • If overheating is observed, take necessary steps to cool the Blackberry.
  • Uninstall apps causing uncaught exception errors.
  • Protect the Blackberry from falling on hard surfaces, into water or the application of too much pressure on the screen.
  • Ensure to remove the Battery at least once a week to clear errors.
  • Do an OS reload if too many error messages pop up.

How do I fix the Blackberry White Screen of Death?

There are a number of things you could do to fix the Blackberry White Screen of Death. Some are:

  • Battery pull: Remove the Battery, wait for a minute then slot it back in.
  • Charge the battery: The battery is probably drained. Remove the battery, slot it back in then connect the phone to a power source.
  • OS update / downgrade: Ensure you either have the appropriate OS file and a PC or Blackberry Desktop manager and a PC with internet connection. (see )
  • OS reload / wipe: reload the OS using JL_Cmder or BBSAK. If OS reloading doesn’t work then try wiping the OS and installing a new OS but ensure you have the appropriate OS file (see ).
  • Gently Press down the screen: Gently press down the bottom right corner of the screen along with the P button then the bottom left corner with the Q button.
  • Hold down the loose LCD cable: Unscrew the phone and hold down the LCD cable with tapes on both sides.
  • Take a look at the Motherboard: Next to the LCD connector are three chips. Replace them if need be.
  • Screen replacement: If the White Screen of Death persists after doing all the above then it just might be a faulty screen. In such a case, change the screen.

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