How to fix the Android White Screen of Death (WSOD)

How to fix the Android white screen of death (WSOD)

In our previous tutorial, we discussed some techniques for fixing the Android black screen of death (see ) . In this brief guide, we’ll be looking at the Android white screen of death. This Android error is characterized by the screen fading to white (sometimes multi-colored) or being white on boot. In some cases, its plain white and inoperable , in others, you could see the opaque apps and icons and even operate the phone.

What could cause the Android white screen of death?

Common causes of this issue are:

  • Flashing a wrong ROM: Flashing an incompatible ROM is a bad idea and this is one possible outcome
  • Loose / damaged LCD connector cable: If the LCD cable is loose or damaged then there’ll be no display
  • Damaged or swollen battery: The battery / PSU might not be powering essential display components

How do I fix the Android white screen of death?

When faced with this, consider the following fixes:

  • Battery pull:  Remove the battery > Slot back in > Boot the phone (if battery is inbuilt then hold the power button for some seconds till the phone goes off then reboot)
  • Clean the LCD connector: If you have a plain white screen (can’t see phone icons or operate the phone) then Turn off the phone > Open the back cover > Disconnect the battery wire > Unlock LCD connector and brush it > Lock the LCD connector back in > Reconnect the battery wire > Start the phone
  • Firmly connect the LCD connector: Ensure the LCD connector is firmly seated
  • Change the LCD connector: If brushing and re-seating don’t solve then consider replacing the  LCD connector
  • Flash original stock ROM: If you can still see the phone icons / operate it behind the whitish screen then consider flashing the original  stock ROM (see )
  • Push the reset button: Locate the reset hole and push it in with a paper clip
  • Try a different battery: Consider trying a different battery to rule out the battery as the cause

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