How to fix Syncing / Synchronization issues on an Android phone

How to fix Syncing / Synchronization issues on an Android phone

Synchronization on Android phones is a very important feature as it helps save data to multiple locations, updates them all once one source gets updated and makes data retrieval as easy as clicking the Sync button. Unlike in our previous article on and also in the guide on , we’ll be looking at the online aspect of Synchronization.  The Synchronization process isn’t without its quirks . In this guide, we’ll be discussing factors that could hinder smooth synchronization and what to do when faced with synchronization problems.

What could cause Synchronization problems on an Android phone?

Common causes of synchronization errors on Android phones include:

  • Poor / no internet connection: Check to be sure that the phone has a good / active internet connection
  • Third party app: Some third party apps could hinder smooth syncing or cause the phone to become slow , an example is Freedom app affecting the Google Playstore app
  • Disabled Background Data: Syncing cannot progress if background data is disabled
  • Data usage disabled: The app might have been blocked from using mobile networks (set to WI-FI only)
  • Missing account: You might not be logged into the app and syncing might not be possible without this
  • Temporary OS error: The Android OS might have encountered a temporary error

How do I fix Syncing / Synchronization issues on an Android phone?

When faced with Synchronization issues on an Android phone, consider the following approaches:

  • Ensure that the phone has a strong internet connection
  • Sign in at the app or go to Settings > Add account to ensure you’re appropriately logged in
  • Restart the phone
  • Uninstall any recently installed app(s) that might be causing the phone to misbehave or lag (see )
  • Ensure that Background data is enabled for the app (Settings > Data Usage)
  • Ensure the app is set to use Mobile networks & WI-FI

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