How to fix Null or Unknown IMEI on a Mediatek Android phone running on Android 6 (Marshmallow)

how to fix null or unknown IMEI on a Marshmallow Android phone

If you notice that your phone’s network bars suddenly remain empty for a long period of time despite the phone still being able to detect your SIM cards and identify their networks correctly then it just might be a Null /Unknown IMEI at work. This issue often occurs after flashing your phone but could (on rare occasions) occur randomly. We already created a detailed guide on how to resolve this at but some Android 6 (Marshmallow) users have complained about some of the methods there not working for them. This guide will put that to rest.

How do I fix Null, Unknown or Invalid IMEI on an MTK Android phone running on Android 6 (Marshmallow)?

1. Root the phone (see to know more about rooting )
2. Install Chamelephon from Playstore and launch it
3. Grant Chamelephon Super User privileges by tapping Grant

how to change imei using chamelephon apk

4. You should now be in the home screen

fix null imei on android marshmallow

5. Input the correct IMEIs (on the back of the phone after taking out the battery) and click Apply New IMEIs

how to change imei on mediatek android phones

6. Once prompted to confirm changing of IMEI, tap Change

changing mediatek imei easily

7. Reboot the phone

null imei problem on mtk phone solution

Warning! It is illegal to change your IMEI from the original (on the back) to another so you are entirely responsible for how you choose to use this guide.

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