How to fix No Service on an MTK Android phone while in WCDMA or 3G only mode

mediatek no service wcdma only mode

At some point or the other, your Android phone (and you) will have to leave the network reception stronghold and venture  into an area of not so encouraging signal reception. In my previous guide on boosting the Internet connection speed on your Mediatek Android phone, I explained a life-saving technique that tells your  MTK phone;

3G or 4G = Give me, EDGE or 2G = Keep it

See the guide at if you missed it. In today’s tutorial, we shall be putting yet another device issue behind us, the problem of no service or reception when network mode is switched to WDCMA (3G) only.

Could you shed more light on this particular issue?

This problem borders around you being in an area with 3G coverage and having signal when your phone is set to 3G / 2G. The problem here is that when you set the phone to 3G / 2G, you get the slow 2G reception most of the time and switching to 3G only gives you no reception.

How do I change my preferred network type (between 3G and 2G)?

There are 2 methods:

  1. Settings Menu

    : Navigate to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Select your Service Provider > Preferred Network type

  2. Engineering Mode

    : Install MTK Engineering Mode > Launch the app > Select MTK Settings > Tap Network Selecting (Under the Telephony tab)

How do I fix no service or reception while in WCDMA or 3G only mode?

Ideally, downloading the firmware at and flashing it (especially secro.img) using SP flash tool @ ought to fix the issue. Also, using SN Writer @ to write IMEI could help. If these don’t resolve it then:

  • You’ll need to get a working phone of the same model which is not having the issue
  • Flash TWRP recovery to both phones (Use SP flash tool if not rooted and Rashr.apk if rooted)
  • Boot the working phone into TWRP recovery (see and backup the system, secro and nvram partitions
  • Move the TWRP (backup) folder from the internal storage of the working phone to that of the phone having the 3G issue
  • Boot the affected phone into TWRP recovery
  • Restore the backup and reboot the phone


This fix also works for the WiFi NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x10 and the NVRAM WARNING Err = 0x02 errors

I have tried the TWRP method but the issue persists. What can I do?

Try the NVRAM Restore Method at