How to fix files automatically disappearing from an external storage device immediately after copying

files disappearing from sd card , flash drive, HDD or SSD

In previous guides on external storage problems, we’d discussed some issues you could encounter during file management like file corruption, automatic duplication, cloaking etc. This particular scenario is quite different; files you copy just vanish into thin air without a trace.

Could you explain this case a little more please?

Ideally, if you try copying files to a storage device with insufficient space, you should get a warning. If you have sufficient space then copying ought to begin. Now, in this case, you see the progress bar load from start to finish but when you check the destination drive, you won’t find the copied file(s) there. Checking the storage stats under Properties also indicates that nothing was added to the storage device.

Why do my files keep disappearing after copying them to my SD card, Flash drive, HDD or SSD?

Some possible reasons are:

How do I fix this issue of automatically disappearing files?

Some techniques that ought to resolve this include: