How to fix an Android phone that wont send or receive files via Bluetooth

android phone cant receive files using bluetooth

In the previous guide on Bluetooth problems, I explained some causes and fixes for an Android phone when its Bluetooth wont turn on (see ) . The Bluetooth coming on but not being able to perform its function (which is to transmit / receive data or files) is another kettle of fish. The focus here will be on factors that could cause an Android phone not to send / receive files via Bluetooth and techniques you could employ when challenged thus.

What could cause an Android phone not to successfully send or receive files via Bluetooth?

Some common causes include:

  • Devices are not paired: Pairing between the origin and target device is required for file transfer
  • Too many devices on the paired list: Bluetooth might experience issues maintaining paired mode due to too many devices on the paired devices list.
  • Old version of Bluetooth: The devices in question might be running on a wide margin of Bluetooth versions
  • Connection managing application(s): An application might be interfering with the normal Bluetooth functions
  • Storage problems: The origin or target device might have a corrupted storage, making it difficult to read from or write to it.
  • OS / driver error: The device might have encountered an OS / driver error
  • Devices too far apart: Keeping the devices too far apart could result in communication issues
  • Bluetooth not set to discoverable: Both devices might not be set to visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices
  • Faulty IC: The Bluetooth IC might be faulty

How do I fix an Android phone that wont send or receive files via Bluetooth?

Some fixes you can employ are:

  • Ensure that both devices are set to visible to all nearby Bluetooth devices, paired and within close range
  • Delete all items on the paired list then re-pair both devices
  • Restart the phone to clear temporary errors
  • Check to be sure that both devices are running on compatible Bluetooth versions
  • Uninstall any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection managing application(s) or do a factory reset under Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset. You could also Wipe data / factory reset in recovery mode (see )
  • Format the phone & SD card storage (Settings > Storage) to clear read / write errors
  • Consider re-flashing the stock ROM / Firmware  to the phone
  • Consider changing the Bluetooth I.C.

Are there any other file sharing alternatives besides Bluetooth?

Yes, you could use NFC, Wi-Fi or USB cord (see )

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