How to fix an Android phone that automatically goes off or shuts down frequently

How to fix an Android phone that automatically goes off or shuts down frequently

One pretty annoying experience is a mobile phone suddenly going off on you, especially when you’re working on a document, article or doing something really important; something you were careless enough not to have saved. Just as in our previous article @ , we’ll be taking a look at this same issue on Android phones, a commonly ignored ‘suicide note’ to you from your smartphone.

What could cause an Android phone to automatically go off or shutdown frequently?

The most common causes of this issue are:

  • Damaged battery: The battery of the phone might be swollen or damaged
  • Overheating: The phone might be overheating due to a hardware or software issue, causing it to shutdown in order to cool
  • Rogue or incompatible applications: An incompatible application (usually apps that require root permission ; see ) could be causing the OS to crash
  • Incompatible ROM or buggy update: Flashing an incompatible Stock ROM, Custom ROM or a buggy / unstable OS update could be another factor
  • Faulty hardware: The phone might actually have been sold with a factory defect or have developed a board issue
  • Loose battery connectors: The battery might be getting unseated during movement due to  loose battery connectors
  • Damaged SD card: The memory card might be damaged or corrupted

How do I fix an Android phone that automatically goes off or shuts down frequently?

  •  Terminate unneeded apps / processes: Ensure to close applications or processes not in use like WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS etc so as to reduce the workload on the processor and battery
  • Format the memory card or try using another one (see )
  • Avoid overcharging the battery: A battery should have charge-discharge cycles, not charge-overcharge cycles. Overcharging could make the battery wear out quickly (see )
  • Uninstall buggy apps: If the phone begins to shutdown suddenly, freeze or becomes slow shortly after installing certain apps then uninstall them (see )
  • Revert to the previous ROM: If you recently flashed another ROM or did an Android OS upgrade then consider reverting to the previous version. In some cases, re-flashing the Stock ROM or doing an OS upgrade resolves this issue (see )
  • Factory reset: Consider doing a factory reset either in recovery mode (see ) or under Settings > Storage (exact path varies with phone)
  • Avoid overheating: Poor maintenance practices like setting the screen brightness too high, placing the phone near hot objects, using the phone heavily while charging, charging the phone using a PC and a USB cord etc should be put in check
  • Adjust the battery connectors: The battery connectors transfer charges from the battery to the board and also help seat the battery firmly in place (you should see them protruding from the phone once you take off the back cover and remove the battery). Use a non-corroded metal to gently push them in place if they appear loose
  • Replace the battery: Check to see if the battery is swollen or not charging properly to be sure the battery is actually the problem. If it is, then consider a battery replacement
  • Consider returning the smartphone: If the phone is brand new and still under warranty then you should consider taking it in for replacement or repairs before voiding your warranty by dismantling or rooting the phone (see )

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