How to fix a slow, lagging, hanging / crashing Blackberry phone

slow, hanging, lagging or crashing blackberry

New Blackberries tend to have one thing in common ; they appear to run fast and smooth. With use; however, most tend to get slower, lag, hang or crash repeatedly. If you’ve ever seen that annoying ‘loading’ image at the center of your Blackberry screen (which renders every other function on your Blackberry useless till it goes) while doing something very important then I need not say more. The good news is that a slow Blackberry can be made to run much faster again, and that’s what this guide is focused on revealing to you.

What could cause a Blackberry to get slow, hang, lag or crash repeatedly?

There are many reasons why a once fast Blackberry could become very slow. Some possible reasons / causes are:

  • Too many installed applications: Having too many applications installed on a Blackberry is not only bad for the RAM and Internal memory but also tends to eat up a lot of other system resources.
  • Buggy applications: Installing one or more buggy applications could result in a slower Blackberry. You will usually detect buggy applications by the Uncaught Exception errors they produce.
  • Accumulated Event logs: Everything that happens on your Blackberry is logged and stored in log files; and guess what! Log files do consume memory.
  • Storing files in phone memory: Your memory card is the best place to save your files if you have one. Storing files in the internal memory reduces the available space for installed applications, resulting in a slower Blackberry
  • Leaving too many applications open / running at a time: Leaving to many apps running at a time – instead of closing when not in use – is one common cause of a slow Blackberry. To view running apps, return to Home screen > Press menu > Select ‘Switch applications’. You’ll see the running applications.
  • Faulty memory card: An incompatible or faulty memory card could result in a Blackberry getting slower. You would usually identify a faulty SD / memory card by a message – immediately after boot – asking you to check the SD card for errors and fix or format the SD card.
  • Too many search locations: If your Blackberry is set to search to many locations whenever the search function is used then you have the recipe for a lagging Blackberry.
  • Low memory: Memory leaks from corrupt processes or too many processes running unchecked could significantly lower the available RAM .
  • Unneeded language packs: If you need just two languages on your Blackberry but have 50 language packs installed then you are not helping your Blackberry one bit. The unneeded language packs are sure to occupy valuable memory.

How do I know or detect that a Blackberry is slower than normal?

Speed – as you know – is relative. We usually advice that you observe your device properly (especially when new) before any installation is done so you can have a good reference point to compare past (original state) with present. Some ways to detect that a Blackberry is slower than it should be are if:

  • The Blackberry appears slower than it used to be or takes longer to respond
  • You get SD card error messages (asking you to format or repair the SD card)
  • You see frequent Uncaught Exception errors
  • The Blackberry freezes
  • You get a lot of that ‘loading’ icon at the center of your screen
  • The Blackberry restarts itself frequently
  • The Blackberry is unable to install or update applications

When you start experiencing any of the above, then you know that the Blackberry is most likely not working at optimal speed.

I’ve scanned my Blackberry with an Antivirus, no virus was detected; yet, my Blackberry is still slow, why?

Virus is often not the problem, except SD card virus like recycler which corrupt files to shortcuts (see ).
If no virus is detected then the slowness is obviously not virus related. consider other solutions / options discussed below.

How do I fix a slow, lagging, hanging or crashing Blackberry?

There are a number of fixes you could employ when faced with a slow Blackberry. Some tested and working fixes are:

  • Soft reset: Rebooting the phone using either a quick pull app or Alt + aA + del
  • Hard reset: Remove battery for 30 seconds > Slot it back in > Power on the Blackberry
  • Clear event logs: Press Alt + L + G + L + G then clear the logs to free up memory
  • Close unused applications: Don’t rely on the red ‘End call’ button alone to exit an application. Ensure to use the app’s inbuilt close or exit function if it has one to close it if unused
  • Factory reset: In extreme cases of a slow, lagging, crashing or hanging Blackberry, resetting the Blackberry to factory state might be your best option ( See )
  • Limit places to search: Ensure the search functionality does not look in too many places. Go to Options > Device > Search and uncheck unnecessary search locations
  • Clear memory: To clear memory, go to Home screen > Options > Security > Advanced security settings > Memory cleaning and select ‘enable’ to activate regular memory cleaning
  • Clear browser: When browsing on the Blackberry is quite slow, clearing browser cache could help. To clear browser cache, Launch the browser > Options > Clear browsing data > Select cache > clear now
  • Delete unused language packs : Deleting unused language packs could significantly boost your available memory. To delete unused language packs, go to the Home screen > Setup > Setup wizard > Languages > Select only the needed language(s) > Click ‘Next’. Unselected language packs will be automatically deleted.
  • Update / upgrade the Blackberry OS : Ensure to update / upgrade the OS frequently ( See )

How can I prevent a Blackberry from getting slow?

  • Avoid installing too many / unneeded apps
  • Uninstall any stubborn app which is causing problems
  • Ensure to regularly free memory
  • Always close all unused apps (Use their inbuilt close option not the red ‘End call’ button)
  • Ensure to regularly check the SD / memory card for errors
  • Keep the Blackberry OS up to date

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