How to fix a Blackberry that randomly turns off or shuts down

How to fix a Blackberry that randomly turns off or shuts down

Today, we’ll be discussing one Blackberry issue that could cost you a contract, assignment, valuable information or something very precious just because your phone was switched off while you had it in your pocket or hand bag all along, wondering why you hadn’t received any call yet. Blackberry smartphones (especially OS < 10) are notorious for their short battery life (see ). Their battery problems could manifest in forms like the

White Screen of Death

where the screen gradually fades to white during use (see ) or the

Black Screen of Death

where the phone shows a cancel sign on the battery icon with a blinking red LED light but wont come on (see ) . In today’s discussion, we’ll look at possible reasons why a Blackberry phone could randomly go off / shutdown and what to do when faced with such an issue.

What could cause a Blackberry phone to randomly shutdown or turn off?

Common causes of this issue are:

  • Loose battery: The battery terminals might not be making proper contact with the panel. You would usually know this is the cause when the Blackberry phone goes off while you’re on the move (with the phone in your pocked or hand bag)
  • Blackberry OS error: The OS might have experienced an error or crashed
  • Hardware problem: The Blackberry phone might have a faulty hardware. An example of such a scenario is when the phone goes off or restarts itself whenever you take a picture using the camera app
  • Overheating: The Blackberry phone might be overheating due to a faulty battery or running too many processor intensive apps at a time
  • Damaged battery: The battery might be damaged
  • Third-party battery manager: A third party battery managing app might be causing the Blackberry to auto-shutdown at certain percentages or under certain conditions

How do I fix a Blackberry that randomly turns off or shuts down?

When faced with such an issue, consider doing the following:

  • Pad the battery: Pad the battery using a piece of paper to ensure firm contact between the battery terminals and the panel
  • Refresh the OS: Reset the phone to factory state, wipe or upgrade the OS (see )
  • Check hardware: Check for possible hardware faults (camera, screen, power unite etc)
  • Change the battery: Observe another battery on the Blackberry phone. If it only occurs on a particular battery then its time for a new battery
  • Avoid heavy usage: Ensure to turn off WI-FI, Bluetooth and 3G when not in use. Also, avoid launching too many apps at a time and ensure to close unused ones
  • Uninstall all Third-party battery managers: If you have a battery , Bluetooth or WI-FI management app then consider uninstalling

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