How to easily make an Android phone run faster or stop lagging


A slow, hanging, crashing or lagging Android phone can be a very frustrating companion to have. There are so many Android apps that most Android users either fall into the trap of installing too many or installing buggy apps that could cause their Android phones to become slow or even get bricked (like the fonts app). Apps are not the only cause of a slow Android phone (though they are, in most cases) so we shall discuss the most common causes of a slow Android phone and how to make an Android phone run faster.

What could make an Android phone to become slow?

  • Too many heavy applications running at a time: When too many memory consuming applications are running at a time then a slow Android phone is imminent
  • Too many apps installed: An Android phone can encounter a low internal memory due to too many apps installed
  • Too many task managers / RAM boosters / Antivirus: Many Android users make the mistake of installing multiple task managers / RAM boosters / Antivirus which, together, have a negative effect
  • Low RAM: Running memory intensive apps on an Android phone with insufficient RAM = Slow Android phone
  • Low Internal memory: Saving media and other file types in the internal memory reduces the available space for apps and could result in a slow Android phone
  • Buggy Operating System: Flashing an incompatible version of Android or a buggy ROM could cause lagging / slowness
  • Cluttered or faulty memory / SD card: A faulty memory / SD card will cause problems for apps which are installed on it, constantly reading or writing to it
  • Startup / background processes: Memory intensive startup / background processes like widgets, live wallpapers, maps etc could result in a slow Android phone
  • Installing Buggy apps: Buggy apps could brick or significantly slow down an Android phone
  • Too frequent syncing / background data: Apps like email, weather, auto backup etc syncing too frequently is not too good for memory
  • Slow launcher: In this age of many launchers, the one you choose could either make or break your Android user experience

Will rooting make an Android phone run faster?

Rooting, by itself, will not directly make a slow Android phone run faster ; however, it can give the necessary privileges to the apps / tweaks which can make a slow Android run fast again

How do I make a slow Android run faster?

  • Soft reset: Restart the phone
  • Hard reset: Remove the battery for 15 seconds, slot it back in then boot the phone
  • Overclock: If the kernel supports overclocking, this could significantly boost an Android phone’s speed. Overclocking is the process of tweaking a CPU for higher performance
  • Uninstall unneeded apps: Don’t need it? Uninstall it.
  • Clear logs: Everything that goes on gets logged and log files consume memory. Deleting log files is one good way to free up memory and make a slow Android phone run faster.
  • Install apps to SD Card: Setting the default installation location for apps to SD card will result in more available internal memory. Simply go to Settings > Storage > Set default write disk to SD Card
  • Wipe cache: Wiping app cache is one good way to boost an Android phone’s performance and speed ( See:  )
  • Factory reset: In extreme cases, a factory reset could come in very handy (See: )
  • Uninstall bloatware: Bloatware are those unneeded apps which come pre-installed on an Android phone but can’t be uninstalled like regular apps. Root permission is needed to uninstall bloatware (see )
  • Greenify the phone: Download Greenify to auto-hibernate unused apps / processes

How do I prevent an Android phone from becoming slow?

  • Use just one Task manager / RAM booster / Antivirus at a time
  • Avoid installing too many apps
  • Uninstall unneeded or problematic apps
  • Keeps the phone’s internal memory as free as possible
  • Slow down on those widgets and live wallpapers
  • Flash an optimized Custom ROM (See: )
  • Run regular checks on the SD card to ensure its in perfect condition
  • Employ some RAM boosting techniques (See: )
  • Be careful what apps / ROMs you install / flash, especially after rooting
  • Restart your Android from time to time, it helps free up memory
  • Wipe cache and log files regularly

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