How to downgrade a Mediatek Android phone

Its usually thrilling to learn that a major update / upgrade has been released for your Mediatek (MTK) Android phone. The excitement however begins to wane when you discover serious bugs (lagging and overheating being one of the most unbearable) and just wish you were back to the times when your phone was – at least – stable. The good news is that you can easily downgrade your MTK Android phone to a more stable Android OS.

Why would I want to downgrade?

Its actually a good idea to downgrade when you just can’t cope with the bugs in an update. If other builds of the update still aren’t any better then you might want to downgrade and wait out the ‘Guinea Pig’ phase of the Over The Air (OTA) update.

How do I downgrade a MTK Android phone?

First, you need to know what version of Android the phone was running on before the update / upgrade; this is the firmware you’ll need to download then flash to the phone. To downgrade:

  • Download the firmware for the version of Android you wish to revert / downgrade to. The firmware should be for your exact phone model so you do not brick your Android phone by flashing the wrong firmware.  Visit to download some MTK Android firmware
  • Install VCOM drivers on the PC following the guide at
  • Turn off the phone (still with battery inside) and don’t yet connect it to the PC via a USB cord
  • Flash the firmware you downloaded above to the phone using the SP flash tool guide at
  • Do Not interrupt SP flash tool till flashing is complete (Green OK prompt). If you accidentally do then see 
  • If the battery is removable then take it out and reinsert after flashing. Ignore this if the battery is inbuilt
  • Boot the phone into recovery mode after flashing the firmware and do a factory reset (see
  • Boot up the phone then follow the Setup Wizard


If you encounter any problems then post your questions as a comment here or at the Hovatek Forum and we would gladly assist you.