How to disable automatic downloads of OTA updates on a Mediatek Android phone

how to prevent or stop automatic OTA download and update on an Android phone

It feels good to get Over The Air (OTA) updates but the sour part is the OTA update(s) getting automatically downloaded. First off, there are times you might be low on data and not be able to afford about 1GB going to an OTA update you don’t need urgently. There’s also the possibility that its a buggy update which the user community had openly criticized and you have little interest in. In either case, it only makes sense that you be able to choose to download the update or not. This brief guide will explain how to pull this off.

How do I stop my Mediatek Android phone from Automatically downloading OTA updates?

Google Play Services is the app in charge of OTA updates. Disabling or freezing it could cause other apps / processes to malfunction so you best disable only its System Update Service. To do this:

1. Root the phone (see to know more about rooting)
2. Install Disable Service from Goole Play Store
3. Launch the app

disable automatic ota updates

4. Tap the System tab

stop OTA updates from downloading and installing on its own

5. Scroll down to Google Play Services and tap it

stop google play service ota download

6. You should see a list of Google Play Services. Scroll down to SystemUpdateService

how to disable system update services

7. Tap SystemUpdateService and wait

how to cancel android auto update

8. Grant Disable Service SuperUser privileges by tapping Grant

disable service apk super user

9. SystemUpdateService should now be unticked and in red, meaning it is disabled

how to block Android OTA update

If I choose to download the OTA update, can I install it on a rooted device?

Bad idea! Its best you first unroot the device using the guide at unless you intend to brick the phone.

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