How to create an email account forwarder

Once you register your domain name (e.g ) , you would usually want to have a customized email address like [email protected] , [email protected] and the rest. As a brand, you really wouldn’t want to keep using free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Mail, Hotmail etc on your branded materials because they don’t exactly look official; besides, very few people would take a business using free emails services on its branded materials seriously.

Don’t get it wrong, your email system will still very much be powered by these free email service providers at the backed but you’ll just have something else at the front end (more like a screen saver or pretty face) which you’ll give out.

So how do email forwarders work?

What the email forwarder actually does is to forward any email sent to a particular emails address specified in your DNS (e.g [email protected]) to an email address you assign (e.g [email protected]).

Can I assign more than one forwarder to the same email address?

Yes. For example, you can assign both [email protected] and [email protected] to [email protected]

How do I setup and email forwarder?

Login to Cpanel

how to setup email forwarders

Click on Forwarders

how to setup email forwarders

Click Add Forwarder

how to setup email forwarders

Supply the alias (e.g info, support, complaints etc) and the email address you want it forwarded to. Tick the “Forward to email address” option then click Add Forwarder

how to setup email forwarders

Give it about 1 hour then you can start using your branded email address