How to create a Password Reset Disk in Windows

How to create a Password Reset Disk in Windows

A Password Reset Disk could help you regain access to your PC if you forget your password or it gets changed by someone or a malware.

What is a Password Reset Disk?

A Password Reset Disk contains a userkey.psw file which can allow you to override the set password of a Windows PC’s user account and reset it. The userkey.psw file can be saved to a CD/DVD or USB drive during creation or the Password Reset Disk

How can I create a Password Reset Disk?

Creating a Password Reset Disk is pretty easy. To create one:

  • Connect a USB / Flash drive to the PC
  • Press the Windows button or Start menu
  • Search for Create a Password Reset Disk
  • Alternatively, go to Control panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Click on “Create a Password Reset Disk”
  • In the ‘Welcome’ dialogue box, click “Next”
  • Select the USB drive you wish to use as a Password Reset Disk from the dropdown then click “Next”
  • Type your Windows password (the one for the user account you’re currently logged into) to confirm then click “Next”
  • A progress bar will load, wait till its 100% complete then click “Next”
  • Click “FInish”
  • Copy the userkey.psw file to a safe location

How do I use a Password Reset Disk?

Using a Password Reset Disk to regain access to your PC is pretty simple:

  • Boot the PC and wait till it gets to the Login Window
  • Type an incorrect password then click “OK”
  • You should get an Incorrect password error, click “OK” to return to the Login Window
  • Click “Reset Password”
  • The Password Reset Wizard will open, click “Next”
  • Select the drive (from the dropdown menu) where the userkey.psw file is located then click “Next”
  • Supply the new password you wish to use, retype it to confirm, provide a password hint (to remind you of your password) then click “Next”
  • The Password Reset Wizard will update you password, click “Finish” to complete.

Can I use the Password Reset Disk i just created to gain access to another Window’s PC?

No. The Password Reset Disk is PC specific.

Windows keeps telling me password incorrect despite entering the correct password. Can a Password Reset Disk help?

Yes, it can, but only if it was created before the error occurred (See ).

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