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Hovatek’s Telegram Support Groups

You’re probably aware of our Private Support which delivers premium remote Tech. Support at $10 / Hour. Those who can’t afford it have the option of our not-instant but free support at the Forum. We’re introducing our Telegram Support Groups for those in need of fast support but low on cash.

How will Telegram Support Groups work?

There are two options:

  1. General Group: You’ll be added to our general Telegram group where you can interact with other group members and Hovatek’s Tech. Support team .
  2. Private Group: We’ll set up a group whose only members will be You and Hovatek’s Tech. Support team.

How do I join the Telegram group?

We’ve made this very flexible and affordable.

  1. General Group: This goes for $3 or ₦1,000 Monthly
  2. Private Group: This goes for $3 or ₦1,000 Weekly . This group type is need-based (i.e you can subscribe only when you need it).

How do I pay?

We support Bank deposit, Paypal, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Verge & Dogecoin) and Debit / Credit cards. Send an email to [email protected] once you’ve paid and we’ll add you to your preferred group type in minutes.



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